SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


I have to drop. I’ve got a lot of things going on soon and I won’t be able to work out consistent time for this. Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck to everyone!


So can you post the next rounds pairings?
I don’t think that there are any other people unaccounted for.


Will post the pairings by tomorrow night. I already have the potential pairings up, but I’m waiting on @yokai and @Baller3129 to see if they can potentially play a game and get that done. If not, I will go through to the next round.


There is a high chance @Baller3129 won’t be able to play, as he’s at a basketball tournament right now ( I know because he’s my brother)


Round 3 Pairings:

  1. @ccloughley vs. @bkeldeo

  2. @XtremeFate vs. @Garchomponite

  3. @AustinTCG vs. @yokai

  4. @MicajahFarrell vs. @stmlacek1

  5. @thegrovylekid vs. @Baller3129

I will have a BYE this round.

@AustinTCG, if your brother is unable to play this entire week because of the basketball tournament, then let me know and I will play his opponent instead and he will get the BYE. Let’s try to have these matches done by this time next week. With less people, this is getting much more realistic.

Good luck!


@slim182, where am I in the pairings?


AH!! So sorry. Knew I was missing someone when I counted 11, but couldn’t figure out who and why. You and I can play then since I’m on the BYE. If that’s a problem for whatever reason, let me know and I’ll change it around when I get home. Again, sorry!


At least you didn’t leave yourself out like I would have! xD


@slim182 @Baller3129 will be back Monday- Friday this week


I’m not on the pairings either.


Ok, somehow I left out 2 people even though they’re right in front of me on my chart. Whoops! It was really early when I made these. Some pairings will be changing.

The following are the correct pairings (and hopefully final):

@thegrovylekid vs. @Y_Guy3

@Latte1504 vs. @Baller3129

I will now have a BYE as we have 13 players. If anything, next week I will drop so I can take a look at everything from afar and not screw up. And also more reliably stay in touch with everyone. As always, please let me know of any concerns or questions. Thanks!


I am going to have to drop because i am not going to play for a while.


Just beat @Garchomponite, good games!


@XtremeFate won. Really poor starting hands against his deck killed me. Good games either way!


Is this dead? 202020


No, this is not dead. Nobody else has reported matches to this board aside from you and your opponent. My laptop also died so I just have my phone for now. I’ve also been on vacation that past 8 days with 0 Internet. Thought I’d have time to check the boards and everything, but I’ve been out of touch with the world for a while. Sorry.

If anybody else has their matchups scheduled, there’s no immediate rush because Nats is over, but let’s try and finish the June tournament before August. This is the last round before Top 4 as well.


My opponent has not responded.


My opponent also has not responded


Pretty sure both of you get wins, but Idk. @slim182 can you confirm/deny this?


Literally just got an awesome desktop up and running and have everything installed that I’d ever need to. Keeping up with this tournament while most (with the exception of a few 6 or 7) seemed to be falling away from it was rather difficult, especially because I went on a 10 day vacation with 0 internet and a bunch of stuff has happened since I got back. If anyone would still like to continue this, we absolutely can. Looks like a very limited amount of people are still able to work through TCGOne, time zones, and the tournament as a whole. I understand Worlds is coming up, so that’s also an issue.

Until then, it was a good run and I really thought it was a good effort. Tried my best, but it was bad timing with people going away for the summer and all that. Maybe school time with Cities and Regionals would be a better time to start this back up again. Or just having a smaller scale tournament. I don’t know. If anybody has any suggestions to make this smoother in the future - aside from not having one - then that would appreciated.

Thank you to all that participated!