SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


My opponent and I have had the same issues earlier; timing out and the like.

Just a quick message on this kind of stuff. If TCGONE is not working for whatever reason, see if you can play on PTCGO. Although it’s not the platform of choice for many, it’s the absolute best place to play in terms of connectivity and reliability. If that doesn’t work, then I’m sorry.

And also please communicate amongst yourselves through this thread or PM to play/test while your opponent is inactive or whatever. I’m sorry that we have to be in somewhat of a rush as Nats is just around the corner, but let’s just make the most of what we have here.

Thank you


I have to drop out, sorry. Very busy


If @Wash14 is dropping, ill drop to make it even and because I will not be at my computer the week before nats.


@jirachi123, @PokemonGeek and @Wash14 have dropped, we are already even with players. So, does this mean I would play @Baller3129 because his opponent and my opponent have dropped?


@PokemonGeek hasn’t dropped.


Will have an update later on in the day for those who have dropped or are thinking about it. Please, if you are planning on dropping eventually, let me know now. I will adjust everything accordingly and try to make things work.


@jirachi123 @slim182
Yes, I have dropped. I have contacted @Baller3129 to let him know, sorry.


Are there still any spare spaces? And is it Standard or Expanded?


I have to drop as well. Just learned I won’t have access to a Computer for 3 weeks


Sorry everyone that I’ve been MIA for quite some time. Haven’t been able to properly look at who has dropped and how to evenly match pairings. As for now, the tournament is still on. Let’s get as far as we can get in this. With more people leaving, it’s unfortunate but also makes things easier.

Because 4 people have dropped, pairings have been altered slightly. New pairings are as such:

@yokai vs. @Baller3129

@bkeldeo vs. @Garchomponite

If anybody else is considering dropping, please let me know and I will try to accommodate the situation. Once again, if you are having trouble with TCGONE, there is always PTCGO. I have off the next couple of days so I should be able to respond quicker to any questions or concerns. Thanks!


@slim182 Latte1504 beat @Y_Guy3

Wasn’t truly fair due to my flips.


He flipped 13/15 heads, I flipped 2 or 3 heads. the whole series playing serperior (flips w/ serpentine strangle and super scoop up).


I’m going to drop, I haven’t been able to play my opponent sand it just hasn’t worked out.


Lost to @MicajahFarrell 2-1, GG!


I beat thegroylekid! Great games!


@Latte1504 and @Y_Guy3, thank you for playing and reporting. There’s always the element of luck that you can never control.

@Collin428, gotcha. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully we can get another one of these going when more people are around.

@thegrovylekid and @MicajahFarrell, thanks for reporting! Sounds like it was a fun game.

My opponent has dropped because apparently his dog ate something that has to do with his computer. I will message Collins opponent and see if we can figure out a time to play very soon. If not, I will give us both wins.


When will R3 pairings go up? Just wondering


I beat @AustinTCG, good games!


Yes, can confirm this.


@MicajahFarrell, just got the chance to message everyone who hasn’t played, so I’m hoping the rest of the round will go quickly. As I said, we’re only doing 4 rounds now and it should make things easier. Test with others in the meantime until I can get this next round started.

@XtremeFate and @AustinTCG, thanks for reporting!