SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


They’re going up tomorrow. There is a chance that 2 matches will be played this afternoon into the night, and I want to get those out of the way. If they aren’t played, the players have been notified of what will happen and I’ll post pairings tomorrow morning before I get into work. That’s the plan for now.


Me and @XtremeFate have been unable to negotiate a time, but we may be able to play in the next couple days


What happens to the people who are not playing there games? Do they get
dropped? Do they EACH get a loss, or a tie? Just wondering. Also something
to think about.


I’ve messaged them individually about what will happen. Essentially this week will be a loss, but if it happens again, they will be out of the tournament. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.


@slim182, as you can see in our PM, @Collin428 has not responded. I wouldn’t want either of us to start out 0-1, but I just can’t get ahold of him. I don’t know why he hasn’t been on lately either. I have been available to play for a few days but he has just said “can’t play”.


It’s all good. you will get the round 1 win and he will get the loss. it’s that simple. if he is absent another week, I will make sure he is not in the tournament for round 3. not because I don’t want him to, but it’s difficult for others when this happens.


Lost to @Garchomponite 0-2. GG!


Way to get in that last minute game @thegrovylekid and @Garchomponite!

The Round 2 pairings are as such:

  1. @ccloughley vs. @eggrolls

  2. @jirachi123 vs. @Garchomponite

  3. @AustinTCG vs. @XtremeFate

  4. @bkeldeo vs. @Wash14

  5. @Y_Guy3 vs. @Latte1504

  6. @thegrovylekid vs. @MicajahFarrell

  7. @PokemonGeek vs. @Baller3129

  8. @stmlacek1 vs. @Collin428

  9. @Chabillionaire vs. @slim182

  10. @yokai vs. @socery

Once again, please remain very open in terms of communication with your opponent as well as myself. If again there are any questions/concerns/comments about the pairiings, let me know. Thank you and best of luck! Let’s try and get this round done by Saturday night! The sooner the better.


@slim182 Me and @XtremeFate were about to play our game. Any chance we could do that?


I warned that the games should not go past Monday night. Since I already made the pairings, it really is too late. However, play your games. If the results are the same and @XtremeFate wins, then everything stays the same. If you, @PokemonGeek, win, then I will see if I can change it accordingly because we’re still very early in the pairings.

Also, when were you both planning to play?


Right about now.

EDIT: Gonna have to drop, @slim182. The negotiating is too difficult.


@slim182 it had gotten to the point where the time zone differential was too problematic (i’m in EST and he’s 5 hours ahead). Also, he was unable to play for the entire first week, which added stress to things originally.


I won against @socery.


Awesome. Thanks for getting done early. Seeing as @PokemonGeek may be out of this because of scheduling difficulties, his opponent, @Baller3129, may need someone to play with. This isn’t set in stone right now, but if @socery would like to play another game this week, then we can go that route. If socery cannot play, then @yokai can play baller instead.

Once again, this is only a possibility, not an absolute. I’ll keep you all posted.


@slim182, wouldn’t @Baller3129 just get a bye?


Yes, as much as I didn’t want to do BYEs, absolutely. But if both sides are willing to have a match just for the fun of it and see what happens, then why not. I would not have ballers opponent drop, someone else come in to play for him, beat baller, and deny him possible points.

Here’s my question because it’s never happened to me: when someone has a BYE, how many points are they given for the round? 0,1, or 3?


They are given three points because a BYE counts as a win. Im all for playing against @Baller3129 if he wants to.


I will attempt to play @Baller3129, but if I can’t by tomorrow, I feel he should get the bye.


I haven’t been able to get on TCGOne at all today. Has anyone else had this issue?


just now, yes I have.