SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


Something’s up with Fates Collide DCE - either that or it’s just dimension valley.


So, I beat @MicajahFarrell, but if a certain bug is fixed by Sunday, then I promised him wed redo game three since those were some of the worst games I played on TCGone ever


As long as you both agreed on that, then it’s all good.


I beat @Baller3129 just now


Can confirm I lost to @AustinTCG


Thank you to @AustinTCG and @Baller3129 for the confirmation. Convenient that you two are related :wink:


I got the win for the match between me and socery.


You got it, thank you!


Jirachi123 still won the match! Great Games!


Aaaaaaaaaaany more results?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m anxious to get this don’t before nationals or at least go into cut before nationals.


I’m screwed i have no idea what to play for nationals


Thanks for posting that! We will now continue on with our days.


That’s literally the whole point of testing. We’ve still got a month. Also, you can ask people in the same division as you what decks will likely be popular and such. (But if you are in seniors DONT ask me as I am literally the worst meta caller ever.


I can confirm this.

Also, I haven’t heard from my opponent in a while.


To be fair, Night March was a fine call for Seattle. You just got hit with bad luck :wink:


@Garchomponite has not been seen in two days, and @stmlacek1 has not been seen in four days.


we were talking about Edmonton


Sorry for the slight absence today, but I have also spent the last hour typing to the players who have been M.I.A. in this tournament.

A quick update:

5 matches have been reported already, so that’s a concrete 10 who are still readily available to play. Of the other 5 matches that haven’t been reported, 6 of the 10 players are still readily available to play AND communicate their slight scheduling issues at hand. That’s 4 people that are either difficult to schedule concrete times and stick to them, or are just simply absent and have not communicated a word. These players have been spoken to and will still have until tomorrow night to play their game. If nothing is accomplished, I will adjust the seedings/pairings/roster accordingly to those who are not in the tournament anymore.

At worst, we continue the tournament with 3 or 4 less people with a potential BYE. I’m hoping to cut the rounds to 4 to allow the top cut.

This was to be expected as 20 was too good to be true, but even 14-16 is still a great number and I’m very happy with the results and support so far. I’m giving full attention to this, so please be patient. You guys have been great so far, so I thank you for that.


Ur doing a great job man!


So my power went out and it fried my desktops harddrive because I didn’t have it on a power surge and it had been on for a while, so there’s that. Long story short, I’ve been on my OG Macbook from 2006 and TCGONE wasn’t working. Got some updates in, fiddled around and now it works. But I missed my opportunity to play with @Y_Guy3, so I’m giving him this Round 1 win.

I will be able to play from here on out. I will be up and running on a more competent computer within the next 2 weeks, but for now I’ll be using this for now. Tested some games out and it’s not the greatest, but we’ll see. I also think we started during a perfect storm with that new update that came out. Moral of the story: put your valuable electronics on a power surge.


Are R2 parings going up tonight or tomorrow?