SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


is it BO3? IDK how much ive asked this but i assume it is.


Pretty hyped up for this. Gotta figure out what to play now.


Black Ops 3?

Remind me what that is.


“Best of 3”

Also, as a heads-up, TCGONE is super buggy right now, but most of the bugs are apparently going to be fixed by tomorrow.


YES I would really like to compete


If this tournament actually finishes, we will be setting a record.


TCGOne is really buggy, half the Fates cards don’t work, and some attacks cause games to end. Does this potentially throw a halt to proceedings?


I think crushing hammer is bugged; states that there is a game engine error and always flips tails.


Yes, Zygarde-EX’s second attack does the same thing. Really, it needs to be fixed. I’ve already reported it as have several others


apparently some of the bugs are being fixed tomorrow. Cross our fingers…

Also, has anyone else gotten that effect where you randomly can’t use any supporters?


Playing some games right now, trying to see what’s going on. Haven’t run into anything so far, but that definitely doesn’t mean nothing is wrong. Worst case scenario we play when the bugs are fixed (hopefully tomorrow), but pairings will still be up shortly.


A guy that played me couldn’t use a Sycamore at one point.


Man, I’ve been excited for this the entire week for some reason. There are definitely others watching this right now with a skeptical mindset. If this works and we finish this tournament with minimal problems, then I see no reason why there wouldn’t be more participation in the future.

Quick notes before I post pairings:

  • TCGONE is having issues. Once again, it’s a free site and they’re doing a great deal of service giving us this type of program. Let’s just be patient with it and see where we can get with our games. Anybody with any updates on their patches within the next day, please post to here so we’re all aware.

  • If you do decide to play any games today and something does go wrong, there isn’t much in the way I or anybody else can do other than to play the game over. If it’s a gamebreaking glitch that is permanent, then hold off for the time being and keep the scores as they are. If you are winning 5-0 on prizes and the game freezes, a glitch occurs, you can’t play a Supporter, or Shaymin-EX flies away, then that game must be restarted.

Unfortunately, there’s no full-proof way to leave the game state as is and come back to it. That’s the risk we take when playing online using a site that is freely available, as well as their servers. If anybody has any input on this topic, I’ll take what you have.

  • I made the tournament on and it put up the pairings. A good thing and bad thing has occured. Becuase we have so many participants (18), the minimum amount of rounds of Swiss is 5. I’ve looked this up on chess forums and other places as well only to find that 17-32 people is considered a 5 round swiss tournament. The only bad part about this is the tournament could run into July, but March Madness runs into April, so it’s not the end of the world. Because I am also manually recording scores, I could just stop after Round 4 and go Top 4 from there. If everybody is willing to play 5 rounds however, then let’s do it!

  • Please communicate with myself and your opponent about anything that may deter or take you from the tournament whether it’s an outside factor or anything really. We’ll work through it. Just be mindful of your own life schedule and finding a time to play should be quite simple. The faster we get through games, the more people play, and the quicker we can start other tournaments down the line.

  • Pick a deck and stick with it. The honesty policy is coming into play. Even if it’s 1 card you change, just know that you’re essentially cheating. I considered just being a Judge instead of playing just to prevent this kind of stuff, but I trust everyone here and so does everyone else. Don’t break that or you will lose the community.

  • Sorry for the repetition, but I want everybody to know everything that is possible and all the scenarios for whatever situation may occur. On that note, here are the pairings:

Round 1

  1. @ccloughley vs. @yokai

  2. @jirachi123 vs. @MicajahFarrell

  3. @thegrovylekid vs. @Garchomponite

  4. @AustinTCG vs. @Baller3129

  5. @bkeldeo vs. @Collin428

  6. @PokemonGeek vs. @XtremeFate

  7. @Y_Guy3 vs. @slim182

  8. @Wash14 vs. @stmlacek1

  9. @Chabillionaire vs. @Latte1504

If anybody has questions or concerns, any input or thoughts, please present them in a mannerly way. No up-in-arms stuff here. Play to test and talk through the game, engage and think, create and improve, but most of all, just have fun.



I won VS @yokai

It took 300 turns though.


Because you had to restart games or because one of you is playing Wailord?



Wailord is pretty sweet.


If this is what you are running, I pray someone is playing VespiMarch. I’m even fine with VespiPlume.


Got me techs ready.

Come at me.



Mmmmmmmm no you still lose to Vespimarch.


We will see.


Or will we?