SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


Awesome find and thanks for the update @AustinTCG!

So now that’s out of the way, TCGONE will be the platform of choice. We currently have 13 people in this tournament. Miscounted one of the times and we just need 1 more to make an even 14, which would be pretty darn cool. If we can’t find anybody by the end of the weekend, I have a friend who may be interested.


Eh why not I’ll sign up


How many Swiss Rounds will there be? I was planning on recording my games and uploading them to Youtube if that’s OK


You will have to ask each of your opponents personally.


Is it Best of 3? Just wondering


Ah, OK. That’s good to know.


Is it to late to sign up because this sounds like a lot of fun! my username is Collin428


Same here, if there’s space I’ll sign up.


Too bad that TCGOne now isn’t working for me atm. Hopefully it’s just a short term thing :fearful:


They are probably in the process of actually updating the simulator.

Since it is supposed to be updated by the 31st, how about we start the tournament on the first?


Thanks for all the support everyone!

I was pretty much occupied all of yesterday from the moment I woke up and never got a chance to reply. I will have an update later in the day about what’s going on and what the next step is. This is shaping up to be a fun tournament with a good amount of people!


If it is okay and there is still space I would like to join


I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday weekend. It’s been preventing me from getting on here much, but here we go!


With you, we’d have an uneven 17. We could have a BYE during the whole thing, but I don’t want to be dealing with that right now. If someone within the next day or two wants to join before the pairings go up, then we’ll have 18 and life will be perfect again. For now, I’m sorry @stmlacek1



…and finally, there’s myself for an even 16. As a reminder, we’ll be playing 4 rounds of Swiss and there will be a Top 4. I will be doing pairs through After the initial pairing goes through, I will use that site and also manually record rankings as well as pairings for the fun of it.

Third (and most importantly):

I will input all the participants on Tuesday or possibly even today (Monday). Pairings will then be up by Tuesday evening (around 6pm ET), but I’ll try to get them in the afternoon.

Begin coordinating times with your opponents and compensating for time zones when I put pairings up. I would like to have all games played by Sunday, June 5th. I guess you could say Wednesay, June 1st marks the official start time for the tournament, but you may finish your 1st match the day I post pairings.

IF YOU THINK YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY BY THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW NOW! (I will try and figure a way to work around it, but no promises are being made)

I’m only saying this because one unplayed game will throw everything off and potentially roll the tournament into July.


Any and every deck is acceptable in the Standard Format. Now that the FCO and Generations are being uploaded, everyone can rejoice and play their rogue or meta list. I don’t know the workarounds of TCGONE and how it allows deck errors to happen, but I trust everyone enlisted in this tournament understands proper deck construction. Please don’t be “that guy/girl”.


HAVE FUN! Whether you’re testing for Nationals or you win or lose, just enjoy it. I hope to continue these as long as the support is still here.

If there are any questions, and I’m sure there will be, just post them here.



Best. Advice. EVER.



I’ll play to make it even. I am Latte1504 on TCG ONE.



Lol thank god for friend and ignore feature!!

The new sets pale in comparison to this.


does anyone want to test on tcg one right now?


I will test, since everyone else on TCGONE just ragequits against my deck :frowning:


You got it! You’re in. As for @stmlacek1, you are in the tournament if you’re still interested. I hope you are, as we’ll then have an even 18 for one crazy turnout.