SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


sign me up. my name is Yokai


Lets make a rule of no night march, vespiplume, or YZG, only rogue decks. and it should be a rule that we have to make our own lists. however, i’d have no problem with vespiquen being legal without vileplume, and vice versa.


I thought that this was so that we can test for nationals…

Planning to play a rogue anyways.



As @ccloughley said, many people are using this to test for nationals. These decks listed are not unbeatable and in fact they are very beatable. [quote=“Chabillionaire, post:26, topic:8717, full:true”]
I’s dont no wut he taukin abowt.

Not sure if you DO know what he is talking about and mocking it, or if you DON’T know and this is just normally how you say things here, but the way this sentence is spelled makes me cringe, in any case.

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Sorry bud, you’re not the one who’s running the tournament. We’re testing various decks for Nationals and other LCs perhaps. Use a rogue deck if you will, but we’re not ruling out any decks because in the end, everything is beatable. If you’d like to start your own tournament for just rogue decks, be my guest.

I don’t think it’s just N, but he definitely is a huge factor. I’d like this idea, but deck lists then become an issue. There’s always that one person that will throw in a Computer Search and screw everything up.

Thank you.

So for everybody in this tournament, we have 10 people right now. I’m hoping FCO will be on TCGONE very soon, but in the event that it doesn’t happen, we can soon decide if we all want to play on PTCGO instead. I understand the differences and complications of having the right cards on PTCGO, but let me know what you need, and I probably have enough to give out. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, we need 2 more participants for 12 players. Looking good so far!!!


Count me in. Either Tcgone or PTCGO is fine


This is what were using.


We’re using TCGONE as of right now. If TCGONE does not update with FCO, then Nationals training is nearly pointless. We’ll see. We have 11 right now.



I have a suggestion.

Lets anyone join, and signups end when 16 people have joined OR when TCGone updates with FCO and Generations.

Just a suggestion to prevent hordes of people joining and to allow more people to join before it starts.


I like the idea, but I’m still puzzled at the fact they haven’t added Generations yet. Not that I use any deck with a Jolteon EX, but it just means they make take a while.

If we ultimately reach 14 or even 16, then I want to see where TCGONE is at with the update. If nothing has been done, we will move it to PTCGO and see who can still stick around to play. One way or another, we will have the tourney and it’ll be a good testing ground for things to come.


I’d like to play. TCGOne name: DorkyMON


Oh so this is a serious tournament not meant for anyone to have fun. we ALL love that boring 10 hour YZG setup and that 20 hour nightmarch setup, and not to mention that eternal vespiplume setup. When has pokemon stopped being a game?




People need/want the testing. Of course you can have fun, but many people want to play with decks they are considering for their national championships.[quote=“Chabillionaire, post:38, topic:8717”]
we ALL love that boring 10 hour YZG setup

You are misunderstood on this one. 10 hours is a stretch. And I know you are exaggerating, but if a deck wins, who cares how long it takes to set up.[quote=“Chabillionaire, post:38, topic:8717”]
that 20 hour nightmarch setup,
At this point I feel you are a little impatient in playing this game.[quote=“Chabillionaire, post:38, topic:8717”]
and not to mention that eternal vespiplume setup

At this point, I feel like you want these decks abolished because they are all bad matchups for your deck.[quote=“Chabillionaire, post:38, topic:8717”]
When has pokemon stopped being a game?

It has always been a game. But a game doesnt always mean having fun, it can also mean strategy and calculation.

Also, If you are so against the rules of this tournament, no one is stopping you from dropping.


This will be the final word on the subject.


Then what’s the point of this post?

If you want to play a rogue, play a rogue. If you don’t want to play against serious decks, drop out of the tournament. I’m not sure how you haven’t gotten the message yet.


I have. I just want to use fates collide because of all the good cards and strategies it provides


We all want to use FCO in some way shape or form in our decks. I’m currently working on plan a-c incase it’s not available or whatever may happen. In the meantime, plan on using FCO. Just incase, make a deck without FCO in the event that for whatever reason, we can’t use FCO. If that’s not your cup of tea, then I’m sorry. It’s TCGONE.

And thank you to the mods for helping out.


Taken straight from the TCG ONE facebook page.