SixPrizes Tournament - TCGONE - June 2016


May is coming to a close rather quickly than I anticipated, so let’s start this sign-up sheet now.

I’d love to have around 12-16 people join, but I’ll remain realistic and also be completely satisfied with 10 participants. This tournament will be on TCGONE, in the Standard Format. 4 Rounds and Top 4 cut. No BYEs unless someone drops out. No IDs. Just play and have fun!

Time Zones exist. Be patient with your opponent in the event there is a 2+ hour difference. PM eachother about setting up a game time.

If we can finish the tournament quickly (within 2 weeks), then I don’t see why I couldn’t start a 2nd if there’s enough interest. As this is the first time I’m running one of these, please be patient with me if I screw up. If you have any reccomendations or concerns/comments, just PM and we can work through it.

Play begins whenever we have a finalized number, but most likely during the first week of June.



Sure. Sign me up.

Standard, right?


Of course I forget to put the format in the description! But yes, it is Standard. Just added that in there. Thanks.


For the first time in forever…

I will use TCGone for something other than watching other people play. I’m in!


Thanks for making it TCGONE, now I can be in!


Sorry man, but as someone who has played PTCGO religiously for a little over a year, I can see why people love TCGONE and would rather play that. If everyone had the cards to build any deck on PTCGO, then that’d be the platform 100% of the time. Unfortunaetly, that’s just not the case.


Sure, sign me up 2020


Let’s do this thing! Sign me up! TCGone user is Pikaman22


Hopefully TCGONE updates with Fates Collide soon, there are some great cards in that set.


I’ll join up.



I’ll sign up- username is Y-Guy3


Sign me up. Name is Wash14.


Sign me up. I’m YoshiRider9999


Uuuuuuummmmmm u forgot about generations… I NEED TO USE JOLTEON EX


I still can’t believe Generations isn’t on there yet. It’s been 3 months already


yes yes, you get every card in tcg one, but do u really. i mean, without fates collide and generations, theres no:
Jolteon-EX / M Manectric
Flareon-EX / Blacksmith
Any M Alakazam variant
Jolteon-EX / M Rayquaza
Regirock-EX / Zygarde-EX
N (Best supporter IMO)
Delphox BREAK (I dont like him, but people want to try him out)
Mew March
Mew lock decks

So yeah, Thats a huge chunk of the metagame unavailable on tcg one. Expect a crudload of Vespiplume, YZG, and Night March, and maybe the occasional toad or bats deck. Also will this be a BO3


I need generations

How else am i supposed to rig the metagame?


I know Fates Collide isn’t on there, but I also realize it isn’t fully legal yet. I don’t really know why Generations isn’t on there, but I have slightly more faith that FCL will be on there by the time we get this tournament rolling. Considering I use a couple decks that involve cards from that set, I’d be upset as well.

Absolutely worst case scenario we just play Standard without those sets and either next tourney move to PTCGO or wait until TCGONE updates.

Point is, all is not lost. We’ll survive.


FCO is standard legal now, 3 weeks are up.


Well, if people really need n that badly, we cam always just use expanded so we can use n and then limit the rest of our deck to standard legal cards…