"SixPrizes 6.0" – A Redesign Six Weeks in the Making, Hello, and How Are You


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Love the redesign. Thumbnail images are tight. Keep everything, except all the crooked elements and the new logotype.


Thank you for the feedback! I’m keeping a list of all the input I’ve received and will reevaluate elements at some point in the future. I need a bit of a breather and I also want to allow everyone time to acclimate to the redesign in its current state.


I love this redesign, way better than 4.0 and 5.0


I liked version 3 as well :slight_smile:

Interesting sentiment at the end @Adam that I think is something I’ve appreciated more as I’ve gotten older. I’m also closer to 30 than 20 hahaha.


We’re getting up there, brah. Soon-to-be Old Rods:


At least we’re not fossils


Adam, I print your articles for my son to read (he’s not old enough to use devices) and the new layout prints horrendously (like shockingly bad). Can you look into the print options for the site and make it semi-normal?


Yes! I see what you’re talking about. I will try to get the print view fixed within the next 24 hours.

Question: Do you think images should be included in the print mode? Or just text?


personally I prefer the articles without the images. they usually get messed up with the typesetting anyways, like cut in half on a page break.


Print view should be somewhat better now! Take a look and let me know if there’s anything more I can do with it.

Also: Much respect for limiting your son’s use of devices. I see too young children many walking around in public tablets and phones in their faces. It frightens me!


Looks great, thanks for doing that so quick! And yeah, I print articles at night and leave it for my son to read when he wakes up. It’s like a throwback to old print newspapers.