"Shipping & Handling" – Tips on Card Storage and a New Season Mailbag

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Great article! I found this extremely helpful!

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve been realizing that binders were just getting too cumbersome. I didn’t know that you could sell bulk cards as you suggest. I searched the web, but didn’t identify any stores that take them just organized by rarity. Troll and Toad seemed to want them individually entered into their website for an estimate. Any suggestions?

I was surprised that you just organize all your Pokemon by alphabet. I’m assuming that is useful when you have certainty on each card, and just need to find it. But, to me, I often still need to look at and read cards to refresh my memory, and so find value in organizing them by type (e.g. all Lightning Pokemon together. Any comment?

Never heard this discussed before, and I did wonder how others do it. Thanks again.

I appreciate the article Kenny.

My biggest “problem” is that I manage an inventory of cards for three players (two of whom don’t care much about organization). And I also don’t have the ability to remember everything I need to for deck building. So I use an Ultra Pro Pro Binder system that allows me to see the cards. That way I don’t forget about certain cards when preparing for a tournament. One binder is for Pokemon; one binder is for trainers; one binder is for energy. What we have done on the past two rotations is have a big card sorting party. I disassemble all the obsolete decks, pull all the cards out of the binders, build new decks based on what rotated out, and sort everything back into the binders. We do this post worlds / before Fall Regionals. Two added benefits to the binder: 1) it’s very easy for me to trade with the use of binders; 2) I can see exactly what I need when buying / trading (“Wait - how many Aromatisse do I need again?”). My system is horribly inefficient, but I use 4th and 7th grade hourly labor to help me get it done!

Trust me: if I were accountable only for myself, I would do it exactly the way you described.

My question is along the lines of @yyy5zzz: can you list some vendors to whom you have sold bulk? What are reasonable expectations for a bulk sale?


Re: Bulk - If you look at the buylist of most popular websites (including Troll and Toad, though I suggest Top Cut Central) they should have a rate for just Bulk Commons/Uncommons, Rares, etc. Usually this is just a few cents for each card, and typically you just have to input how many of each rarity you have, and you’re done! I’ll admit that I haven’t done this in probably a year, but I know that the system hasn’t changed much for most of the sites I used to use. If that doesn’t work, reply here and let me know and I’ll dig a little deeper.

Re: Alphabet - Typically if I need to look at different cards in the format I’ll just use pkmncards.com, which is a vastly underrated tool. I think that whatever method of organization that works for you is what you should stick with, though!

Thanks for reading!

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