Shiftry FLF, Dusknoir BCR, Miltank FLF // NXD-on


Pokemon 16
1-Virizion EX

Energy 12

Trainers 32
4-Rare Candy
2-Level Ball
3-Ultra Ball
1-Dowsing Machine
1-Super Rod
1-Muscle Band
2-Silver Bangle
1-Startling Megaphone
1-Professor’s Letter
2-Aspertia City Gym

This deck is very similar to the Empoleon version. I am trying out Shiftry instead because it had the power to OHKO EX’s. This is just a rough build and I would really enjoy Andy suggestions that you have to this deck.


For a deck that includes 2 vital stage-2 lines, there is NO way this deck can function properly without at least 2-3 Tropical Beaches.

-2 Aspertia City Gym

+2 Tropical Beach

(P.S. You misspelled Dusknoir ;))


Okay I was thinking that it could do without the beach but I didn’t play test it at all. Thinking back on it you are definitely right. Thanks so much!


This would be much better with Beach but still doable without. I mean, you do have the draw support with Leaf Draw. I would suggest trying a 1-1 or 2-2 Milotic in this though. It is really useful for loading up Shiftry after you’ve used Leaf Draw a few times. You already have good Prize trade so you don’t really have to worry much about the free Prize.


I like the idea of milotic but what should I take out for it?


You need to take out Aspertia for something more useful. Like Ivysaur said you could use Beach instead or anything besides Aspertia. Miltank is not supposed to be a tank and 20 hp is not going to make much of a difference. I like the deck, but personally I think Empoleon is better. I have not tested Shiftry though, so I could be wrong.


My original idea with the Aspertia was just a counter stadium because I lack beaches. I’ve been testing the deck, and it has worked considerably well. It just isn’t as consistent as Empoleon because it needs too many energies to power up. If I take out the Aspertia’s for a 1-1 line of Milotic do you think it will make the deck more consistent?


The Milotic is good, but you would want to cut something other than those two Stadium slots for it. You do need a counter stadium, because once you run into, say, a Virbank City Gym or a Frozen City, they are going to hurt you. One idea is Battle City… that one card can help sometimes, and I think it would be more helpful in here than Aspertia.


Battle city would be a better counter stadium than Aspertia for sure. I could take out the Virizion EX and maybe Lysandre. Lysandre is a very good card in some situations, but it isn’t always helpful. Would it be a good trade to get a 1-1 line of Milotic?


Hmm… your list is kind of tight on space, but I would recommend taking out the Virizion EX and a Duskull. I think you need at least one Lysandre in this deck, as it can be an x-factor sometimes.


That makes sense because it may be needed in a crucial part of a game, and it could mean the difference between a win and a loss.