Shedinja ROS Variants // BCR-on

So now that Roaring Skies is out, naturally I’m here to rant and rave about the latest and greatest in obscure rogue decks. This time my focus is on the new Shedinja. This deck is a blast to play, as it really catches people off guard with how hard and fast it hits.

First- My current list!

Pokemon: (17)
4 Mew EX
4 Nincada
4 Shedinja
2 Flabebe
2 Floette (FLF - Flower Veil)
1 Jirachi EX

Items: (19)
3 Muscle Band
2 Silver Bangle
3 Repeat Ball
2 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
1 Computer Search
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Sacred Ash
1 Professor’s Letter

Supporters: (13)
4 Juniper/Sycamore
4 N
2 Wally
2 Skyla
1 Lysandre

Stadium: (4)
4 Frozen City

Energy: (7)
3 [G]
4 Rainbow

Basically, the name of the game here is speed. Ideally, you want to get a Mew EX and a Shedinja out as fast as possible. I’m considering running more Wally for the sake of more Turn 1 Shedinjas, but that’s your call.

Once you have Shedinja on the bench, Mew EX can use Hopeless Scream (50 damage for every damage counter on him). Attaching a Rainbow Energy while Frozen City is in play will put 3 damage counters on Mew, allowing you to do 150 damage for one attachment. Muscle Band pushes this up to 170 and you can always attach another energy for more damage counters if you need more KO power.

Obviously, leaving a damaged 120 HP EX active isn’t always going to be the best idea, so that’s why it’s a good idea to attack with Shedinja himself as well. Floette grants Shedinja an additional 20 HP so he can make use of the Rainbow+Frozen City combo for an easy 150 damage as well.

Honestly, I"m even considering dropping a few Mews and allowing Shedinja to be the main attacker of the deck. Gotta test more before I make that call.

But yeah- this deck hits HARD and it hits FAST, and for all you devoted Seismitoad haters, it pretty much eats the 'toad alive thanks to weakness.

So what does everyone think? Anyone else playing this deck right now? Any variations? We can’t let the various Rayquazas steal all the Roaring Skies thunder here!


I really like the list, but I think the list can do without the Evosodas. You already run 5 Pokeballs, and the addition of Wally makes in kind of redundant. You could probably use a Jirachi EX in here as well for consistency.

You’re probably right. Gonna edit now. I’ll admit the list I originally posted was made in a fair amount of haste due to the excitement of using new cards.


Alright so i think I might have broken the PTCGO meta with this deck. Hope to test this at league next week as well.

2-2 Floette (Flower Veil +20 to each of your Grass types in play)
2 Florges EX
4 Nincaida ROS
4 Shedinja ROS
1 Jirachi EX
4 Mew-EX LTR

1 Professors Letter
3 Repeat Ball
1 Sacred Ash
1 Startling Megaphone
2 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
2 Muscle Band

3 Lysandre
1 Trump Card
4 N
4 Juniper
2 Wally

4 Frozen City

4 Rainbow Energy
5 Fairy
3 Grass

Main Difference between this one and the OP is that the Florges EX give a second attacker and are a counter to Silent Lab. I might drop the muscle bands for Skyla because there isnt enough to search for the stadiums. With the current set up you’re relying on draw support.

The other option is a Skyfield/Florges EX Shedinja, dropping the Muscle Bands and adding a PRC Ninetales for stadium lock. and focusing more on the Florges than on the Mew as the main attacker.

This deck may be a decent play as a rouge. Like not as a gag deck but as an actual competitive deck in the right meta.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Hopeless Scream!

I like the solo Mew EX idea a lot.


I would like to see a Shedinja/Reuniclus (damage swap) in expandad.

Make one…?
Here’s a beginning, go from here:
4-4 Shedinja
2-1-2 Reniculus

4 Juniper
3 N
1 Colress
2 Rare Candy

Pokemon: 17
4-4 Shedinja
4 Mew
2-2 Floette
1 Mr Mime

Supporters: 12
4 Juniper
4 N
2 Wally
1 Lysandre

Stadiums: 5
3 Frozen City
2 Magma Hideout

Items: 17
3 Ultra Ball
2 Repeat Ball
2 Switch
1 M Phone
2 Muscle Band
2 Bangle
3 VS Seeker
1 Computer Search
1 Prof. Letter

Energy: 9
4 Rainbow
5 Grass

I am pretty sure this needs a lot of work.

Any suggestions?

What purpose does DCE serve in this deck?

I really am not sure. Now that I am looking at it, it serves no purpose.
I am going to replace them with

1 grass
1 prof letter

a friend just send me this hahaha

I thing this deck is pretty solid, but I have my doubts about running this as a competitive, despite that I wanna test it tomorrow with Dugtrio XY and training center or Cacturne Plasma Freeze

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Lol. That’s great. I beat a toad/puff deck yesterday online. . I got a Wally so i turn 1 hopeless screamed for 200 and knocked out the only toad. I screamed with joy. (Not really. I just jumped up and down like a crazy person)

I just realized with two damage counters (frozen citied) and a muscle band Shedinja can OHKO a full HP Primal Groudon EX or Primal Kyogre EX, without the usage of Mew EX at all.

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Haha it’s funny I was just about to post that 1900 damage photo XD. Guess you beat me to it!

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