Shealyn Millay's 2015-2016 Season! 288/250

Points: 116
With Brongzong/Aegislash/Dialga
Round 1 vs non competetive new player, W
Round 2 vs non competetive new player, W
Round 3 vs Seismitoad/Giratina, W
1st place

League challenges:4
With Vespiquen/golurk/eevee
Round 1 vs Rapidash/Blaksmith/DCE, W
Round 2 vs Mega Rayquaza/Skyfield/Shaymin, W
Round 3 vs Mega Rayquaza/Skyfield/Shaymin, L
2nd place

With Vespiquen/golurk/eevee
Round 1 vs Shaymin/Trevenant, W
Round 2 vs Dragon Mega Rayquaza/Giratina EX/Hydriegon EX, L
Round 3 vs Dragon Mega Rayquaza/Hydriegon EX, W
2nd place

With Archies/blastoise
Round 1 vs Giratina/Seismitoad, L
Round 2 vs Raichu and skyfield, W
Round 3 vs Machamp/Ariados, W
2nd place

With MManectric Golurk
Round 1 vs idr with ???, W
Round 2 vs @MewtwoEX w/ Night March, W
Round 3 vs Donphan, W

Eugene With Seismitoad/Giratina
Round 1 vs Archies/Blastoise, L
Round 2 vs Sableye/Garb, L
Round 3 vs Vespiquen, W
Round 4 vs Vespiquen, W
7th place

Springfield With Archies Blastoise
Round 1 vs Miltank/Butterfree, W
Round 2 vs Sableye/Garb, L
Round 3 vs Sableye/Garb, L
Round 4 vs Vespiquen, W

Medford With Archies Blastoise
Round 1 vs Michael with Tyrantrum/Bronzong, L
Round 2 vs @TheMrPokeMan with Seismitoad Giratina, W
Round 3 vs Eli with Emboar/DRX Rayquaza EX, W
Round 4 vs Tommy with Archies Blastoise, W
3rd seed
Top 4 vs @TheMrPokeMan With ToadTina, LL
3rd place

Ashland With Archies Blastoise
Round 1 vs Sienna with Dark stuff, W
Round 2 vs ??? with ??? (i forget, it was a long day). W
Round 3 vs @TheMrPokeMan with Seismitoad giratina, L
Round 4 vs Dallas with Vespiquen, W
2nd Seed
Top 4 vs Chris with Trevenant EX/dusknoir, WW
Top 2 vs Tommy with Archies blastoise, LWW
1st Place

Corvallis with Mega mewtwo/bats/wobbuffet
Round 1 vs Raul with Batman, W
Round 2 vs @PhinnAndJoe with Vespiquen/flareon, W
Round 3 vs Elias with theme deck, W
Round 4 vs Skyler, ID
Round 5 vs @MewtwoEX, ID
3rd seed
Top 8 vs Shawn with Batman, LL
Salt salt salt salt! super disappointing to lose a match you know you could have won, dead drew for about 8 turns both games.
I played Vespiquen Vileplume
Round 1 vs Donphan, WW
Round 2 vs Vespiquen Vileplume, WW
Round 3 vs Rai Eels, LWW
Round 4 vs Rai Eels, LWW
Round 5 vs Donphan, LWW
Round 6 vs Rai Eels, ID
Round 7 vs Rai Eels, ID
1st seed
Top 8 vs Primal Groudon, LWL
5th place +75 cp

Nice to see you back, Shealynmillay!


Currently at Eugene cities watching the finals between @mewtwoex and Kaden B. I got a sad seventh and @TheMrPokeMan Got third.

Just updated with Ashland and Medford cities.

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Wow! Nice job so far! Achies has seved you well!

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I’m at 128 points, if I lose tomorrow 203. First seed but playing against my worst matchup in top 8.

Congrats, Great deck choice.

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Haven’t updated with a LC I got second at despite forgetting my deck 3 hours away. Will write a tournamentreport for my 5th place finish in a different thread.

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How many league challenges have you won so far.

Cp 293 just got top 4 at Washington, goin to worlds! Will do a report later.

Washington states, deck- Vespiquen Vileplume Archies Swampert
Round 1 vs @JoshF w/ YZG
I don’t remember game one to much as it was my first game of the day, all I know is I lost. Game two I go first and steamroll, game three ends up being pretty close, i have 2 dce left and Josh has a gallade with a dce and a Jirachi with a dark on the bench. I don’t play a lysandre so I retreat into Toxicroak to try and kill Yveltal more slowly while finding a way out of my predicament. Time is called and neither of us can take enough prizes to win- LWT shout out to Josh for being a good sport when he should have won and not penalizing me when I had a hyper mat in my ultra pro deck.

Round 2 vs James McGough w/ turbo Dragonite
Game one I go first but sycamore into a dead hand, James goes crazy and sets up 2 dragonite with ffb-gg
Game two I go first again but yet again whiff the turn one plume. Repeat of game 1. LL

Round 3 vs Dallas w/ Bees plume
Wow, I am actually very surprised at how much bees plume there was, a lot of people think it’s an auto pilot and that it’s an easy way to gain points so there was about 6 people with bad bees plume lists hoping to get top. I go first and win, Dallas whiffs game two and I win. WW

Round 4 vs Dorian w/ Toad slowking
Really nervous bc I have to win out to make top 8 and get my invite. Game one I set up Plume but he lysandres some stuff around and played 3 xerosic, ridding me of my energy. Game 2 I only bench 3 Vespiquen and only attach 1 dce, so I one shot toads and royal flash is useless. Game 3 goes the same as game 2. LWW

Round 5 vs Luke w/ YGG
Game one I completely lost, dead drew and got rekt. Game 2 I get turn one plume out and take all my prizes fast. Game 3 I am super nervous as we are some of the last players still playing and a tie wont let me make cut. I get plume out and take 6 prizes in 3 turns. GG - LWW

Round 6 vs Jaxson w/ toadtina
Sure I can win as long as my oppoent cant attack with giratina, Game one is super close, I don’t remember it much except I win with 1 card left in my deck, Game two my opponent dead draws and I win.

Top 8 vs @smashandslash w/ Zoroark Vespiquen, Game one I go first and steam roll, Game two Alex starts 2 Jirachi promo and I think I lost, but I get plume out and sky return to win. GG - WW

Top 4 vs @MewtwoEX w/ Trev Break, Jasper goes first but whiffs turn one trev, I go and whiff as well, Jasper gets trev out and starts attacking and judging Shaymin out of my hand. Game 2 I go first but whiff, I try to chain shaymins but I get judged and then benched. LL

  • 70 cp

Yeah, there was so much VespiPlume there, like 5-6 or more, and maybe 2 Night March.

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2-0 so far at worlds, vespiplume mirror is so stupid.

3-1, one more win and I’m in but with my luck I’ll go 0-2

With your luck you should’ve been in by now.

:wink: I’m in now, good luck to everyone else still playing!

Got the flu A couple hours before worlds day two and couldn’t compete :frowning: oh well, maybe next year.