Shaymin-EX ROS, Trevenant XY Variants // BCR-on

In an attempt to beat everyone else to the punch, I present… wait, a deck based AROUND Shaymin-EX?

Pokemon - 17

4 Shaymin-EX RSK
3-3 Trevenant XY
2-2-2 Dusknoir BCR
1 Sigilyph DRX

Trainers - 12/20/3 (32)

4 Professor Juniper
2 N
3 Wally
2 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

3 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
1 Escape Rope
1 Computer Search
3 Crushing Hammer

2 Float Stone
3 Muscle Band

3 Virbank City Gym

Energy - 8

4 P Energy

It’s a Trevenant deck, everyone knows it. This time, I’ll be using Shaymin-EX with it. The reason I find it to be so effective is because you’re doing 30 and returning, meaning you stop your opponent from an easy Lysandre. With the MuscleBank combo, that becomes 80 damage, which can be manipulated with Dusknoir. Shaymin-EX also gives us draw support whenever we play it back down, so we get a super consistent engine in here. As such, the 3 copies of Wally allow us to play Dusknoir and Trevenant quicker, and Trevenant can also do decent damage that gets easily moved around with Dusknoir. Lastly, Sigilyph is also here just for an additional wall and Crushing Hammer is here to eliminate the obvious threat of Virizion-EX so your opponent can’t set it up quick enough, and it’s just a really great disruption card.

Any suggestions?

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Where on earth did you get this picture lol.

I think it has already been widely circulated online…

Back on topic, Seismitoad-EX seems capable of ruining your whole strategy, as Quaking Punch would prevent you from using Hypnotoxic Laser and Muscle Band, limiting your overall output to as little as 30 damage per turn. Maybe more dedicated Seismitoad-EX counters would be helpful?

I think that could work. What do you suggest? Plasma Leafeon? Tropius PLB?

Or maybe this one?


While the concept is funny, I don’t really see a reason for Combee. It does 60, then you have to search it out again. I don’t know about you, but it just seems a bit too restrictive because of how many times you’ll have to set it up over and over again for just a simple 60. Because of the Colorless attack cost, I’ve actually been considering Tropius RSK- oh, sorry, I mean (ugh) ROS. Man, I can’t stomach that. Every time I hear it, I think of Ross Cawthon.


Well, Combee is definitely for fun only… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
The best way to counter Toad is still to run Toad yourself IMHO. However,


I think the idea is to use Combee and then go in to Trevenant.

GadgetJax’s point still stands that to bring up Combee every turn and attach energy to Combee and make Combee active is difficult.

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I want to see a Toad/Garbo match against this deck.

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I don’t think the player in the video made the right move during his first turn. If I were him, I wouldn’t have wasted the chance to pick up Float Stone from the second Trainers’ Mail, attach it to Shaymin-EX, and send Trevenant to the Active position.


First post, but I love Trevent, so I had to jump in.

I’ve played about 50 games with this deck on PTCGO, trying quite a few builds and the best for me has been something similar displayed in the vid. The strength in the deck is getting up Trevenant in the first turn so your whole deck needs to work to make this happen.

A 4-3 line for Trevenant with 4 Wally’s gives the most consistent results, but its hard to make room for 4 Wally’s, but I wouldn’t go less than 3. While things like Dusknoir sound good you want to have as few Pokemon as possible to give you a higher chance of grabbing Phantump and Shaymin straight away,

Add in as many Trainer’s Mail and Acro Bikes as you can fit to help you get whatever peice of the puzzle you’re missing on turn one as well as helping to draw through your deck to find exactly what you need throughout the game.

Drop your N’s down to one or none. Wally is going to be taking up alot of supporter space, and you don’t want to get stuck with a hand full of supporters that all do the same thing. Since we have Shaymin ( that will take alot of pressure off your draw supporters), this will free up room for us to run more exotic supporters like Xerosic and Team flare grunt if you so choose and even extra lysandre’s.

You only need 4 DCE energy most of time, so I normally just run with that. Since every turn you’re just reattaching the same energy to Shaymin for the hit run tactic, ou don’t have time to put any energy on Trevenant. By constantly hit and running you’re putting huge pressure on your opponent by drawing all your item and support cards.

I like to run as many cards as possible that remove/slow down energy since it’s really the only thing that can hurt you once you are all setup as Trevenant doesn’t have the biggest body, and only a couple of hits will knock him out.

Obviously Yveltal is the big problem matchup so things like Team flare grunt and Headgear will help us out here, which will also help us out with the Seismitoad match. If you gear the deck for that perfect turn one setup you will more often than not get your item lock in before Seismitoad and if you are running more lysandre’s and/or Team flare grunts you are in better shape to break their item lock. Still really difficult match up though since you lose your muscle band once you’ve attacked. One tip I can give is try to only leave Trevenants on your Bench so you make yourself immune to Lysandre and you’re Item lock can never be broken. However this does leave you open to N.

Looking at it though, I think once people adopt Shaymin into Seismitoad it will be even stronger than it is now. They will not need the Wally’s so it frees up room for things like AZ and Super Scoop Ups for insane drawing potential.

Hope this helps.


How would you handle the mirror match? It seems like such an awkward stalemate.

Only played the mirror once and the other guy quit cause I had a turn one Trevenant and he didn’t. But without extra techs it would probably come down who can get the most trevenants out to rotate their damage most efficiently. Might be worth including a couple Psychic or Mystery energy in there to give you a slight edge. Then one of you’re trevenants can lay some damage down on the opponent’s bench.

Gengar EX is also a possibility since Dark Corridor switches him with a benched pokemon. But that might take too long for you set it up since it will take an extra turn to attack as he needs a P Energy. Then you have the question of how much are you going to put in the deck to make it worth it, and what will you take out to make room for them.

Dusknoir like was said originally would be a more reliable way, but I’m not comfortable cutting 6 cards to fit them in, especially if 2 of them are basics. Maybe running an Archie’s Ace with just 1 or 2 Dusknoir’s and a couple battle compressors might be worth testing.

Maybe running an Archie’s Ace with just 1 or 2 Dusknoir’s and a couple battle compressors might be worth testing.

Archies only works for water pokemon.

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Whoops, brain fart there its 4am here.

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@Demarchy could you provide a list? thanks.

I :heart: MikePTCGO too. He is a great content provider over on youtube.

Sweet name too. Wally’s Trevenant.

Which is better T1 item lock (Trevenant) or T2 item lock (Toad)?

[I think we’d all rather face a T2 item lock]

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