Serperior ruling question


Let me set the scene: ~lights dim~

I have the new serperior active.
I use coil, which does 40 (+ 20 from muscle band) and makes my next attack do 60 more damage.

My opponent lysanders up a benched snivy and passes. (Cause servine’s parlays ability is clutch)

In my turn, I retreat the snivy because it already has an energy attached.
I go to attack, and use slashing strike.

It does 160 right?
80 base + 60 from coil’s effect + 20 from muscle band

On PTCGO it only did 100, and did not give me the extra 60 from coil.


When Serperior returns to the bench, all effects of either player’s attacks—positive and negative—are cleared. You don’t get the Coil bonus in this instance.


Ok. Thanks for the help.
That stinks, but I guess it is something to keep in mind for the future.