September 2020 Schedule


8/28: Darkness Ablaze: Legal for Tournament Play
8/28: Rotation to TEU–DAA
8/29–30: Play! Pokémon Players Cup: Finals Stream
8/29–30: Hyperluxe Gaming: $2K Prize Pool Premier … TEU–DAA

Tu 9/1: @xpero
Th 9/3: @Roarchomp

Tu 9/8: @Sem_Medo
Th 9/10: @Alex_Schemanske

Tu 9/15: @Jonner
Th 9/17: @Crayon

Tu 9/22: @Sem_Medo
Th 9/24: @Alex_Schemanske


  • We’re at two articles per week again for September. If any bigger events pop up, we’ll add more article slots during the week beforehand. (Here’s to hoping TPCi has something planned for this fall.)

As usual, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email Thanks for your support!