September 2016 Article Schedule

Thursday 9/1: @BrandonCantu

Tuesday 9/6: @KPiplup (Phoenix)
Thursday 9/8: @eriknance

Tuesday 9/13: @Aarontarbell (Phoenix)
Thursday 9/15: @CeladonBrit

Tuesday 9/20: @rlaparre (Orlando)
Thursday 9/22: @kazambolt (Orlando)

Tuesday 9/27: @sorina (Phoenix)
Thursday 9/29: @MarekFirestone (Phoenix)

10/1-10/2: Phoenix Regionals (BLW-STS)
10/15-10/16: Orlando Regionals (PRC-STS)

11/5-11/6: Philadelphia Regionals (BLW-STS w/ Karen)
11/26-11/27: Fort Wayne Regionals (PRC-EVO)

We are still not sure what’s going on with League Cups, so the current plan is to help everyone prepare for Regionals in October.

Any specific content you all want to see?

I’d be very interested in seeing in-depth guides to individual decks, in a similar vein to what @Patrick1865 alluded to in a comment on a recent article.


Personally, I always love rogue decks :slight_smile:


With decks I think matchups should be listed and key points on some matchups could be helpful. I think it’s been missing from some of the older articles.

In standard the format is currently wide open. Power rankings are similar but it would be great to see each players insight on their favorite standard decks, so collectively we have consensus as a 6p community.

Thanks for the feedback guys. It’s very helpful! I’ve passed your requests along to the writers.

@BrandonCantu’s article will be out in about 3-4 hours from now. I’ve got it pretty much ready, but I need to get some food before I can continue. Those last small details I work on always end up taking a while.

Table of contents is looking like this:

  • Standard Decks
    • Volcanion
    • Mega Scizor-EX/Garbodor
    • Mega Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor
    • Vespiquen
    • Everything Else
  • Expanded Decks
    • Vileplume Toolbox
    • Yveltal/Darkrai
    • Ho-Oh-EX/Ninja Boy
  • Conclusion

No in-depth matchup discussion or power rankings. We’ll try to get those incorporated in the upcoming articles.


I’m not quite doing Power Rankings for Tuesday, but it’s something along those lines, and I’m hoping you all enjoy it and am looking forward to hearing opinions on the format after publication.


Speaking of Tuesday, I’m going to borrow Adam’s update hat for a moment to tell you that it looks like we’re headed for 9am tomorrow.


Heads up y’all: I am doubtful we will have @eriknance’s article ready until either late tonight or tomorrow. I have to make a long car drive this afternoon and then my internet connection later is going to be iffy. Will do what I reasonably can to edit in short order.

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Erik’s article will be out tomorrow. I need to head somewhere with a decent wifi connection so I can add images. Working title is:

“Pokéfficiency” – And the Challenges of PokéParenting

It’s specifically about playing while parenting but it’s also filled with great advice in general on how to get more out of the game in multiple ways. I’m ecstatic about it — really excited for everyone to read tomorrow!


Update: Images are mostly set at this point. I’ve still got to do captions and deliberate over the title some. I’m about to take a short breather and will be back to finish up. ETA is mid-afternoon (Eastern time)!

Hey everyone! @Aarontarbell’s article will be out sometime this afternoon/early evening! It’s an in-depth guide to playing Trevenant. :palm_tree::deciduous_tree::maple_leaf:

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Hey guys, so I don’t think there’s much chance @rlaparre’s article will be published today. I’m without Wi-Fi at home and will only be able to do editing for grammar + formatting once Russ has the article submitted. (I don’t think it will be ready for me until the evening. During the day I’m able to go somewhere to use public Wi-Fi.)

It’s shaping up to be a look at the top 8 decks of the Oklahoma City ARG Circuit Series event, which was this past weekend, along with some personal testing results of Standard for Orlando.

Update: About half done with proofreading/corrections/formatting stuff. I’ll pick back up first thing in the morning. My estimate for publishing is probably in the afternoon Eastern time.

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Another status update: We’re going to be delayed publishing @kazambolt’s article too. Both of us have some stuff going on and I don’t want to rush when the topic he’s covering (Standard decks for Orlando) isn’t time sensitive. My estimate for release right now is Friday evening.

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ETA is Saturday at this point. I apologize; I’ve basically moved twice in the past month and things have been hectic around me. I’ve been moving stuff all evening, then will be on the road all tomorrow morning, then moving stuff again in the afternoon, and then I’ll finally be able to sit down and edit.


@sorina’s article will be out sometime late tonight I’m thinking. A decent sized portion is already written but there’s still a little more to be completed and a few parts to be revised. Topics include the 500 CP requirement for Worlds, the Phoenix metagame, and two of her strongest plays for the event.


Update: I’m still awake, article is still in the process of being written. I’m about to grab some Earl Grey so I don’t doze off. Once it’s submitted I’ll be able to go through pretty quickly to add images (have things mapped out already).

I’m calling it a night. My focus isn’t good enough right now to make proper judgements before publishing, and the article still isn’t completely written yet. Sorry, guys. Look for the article early tomorrow.


@MarekFirestone submitted his article about half an hour ago and I will begin editing shortly! ETA for publishing is late this evening.

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