September 2014 Article Schedule

Yep, you read correctly: Article schedule (and not just Underground schedule). Starting in September, there will be changes in our publishing processes:

  • I am aiming to have two free articles published each week (along with the two Underground articles).
  • The free articles will be written mostly by Underground writers on lighter topics.
  • We will not be accepting reader submissions starting in September until further notice. I need to make sure we have a handle on all this.

Tuesday 9/2: @Brandonsmiley (The Extended format) – UG
Wednesday 9/3: @Ruiner (Blastoise 2006) – Free
Thursday 9/4: @CeladonBrit – UG
Friday 9/5: @kazambolt (Interview with Andrew Estrada) – Free

Wednesday 9/10: @eriknance – UG
Wednesday 9/10: @Zimmerman (Gyarados 2011) – Free
Thursday 9/11: @Sabelhaus – UG
Friday 9/12: @JayHornung – Free

Tuesday 9/16: @Rsabelhaus – UG
Wednesday 9/17: @Bristow (Something 2008) – Free
Thursday 9/18: @MarekFirestone – UG
Friday 9/19: @eriknance – Free

Tuesday 9/23: @JayHornung – UG
Wednesday 9/24: @DylanBryan – Free
Thursday 9/25: @rayc591 – UG
Friday 9/26: @kwisdumb – Free

Tuesday 9/30: @MDiaz1 – UG

Fall Regionals start 10/4.

The goal is to provide everyone with more consistent content and hopefully some of the free content serves as a good starting point for discussions. Reader submissions have waned over the years for a variety of reasons, and I think it’s the right time to start scheduling public content from established writers.

As far as readers who have been contributing front page articles, some of you may be considered for the scheduled spots, otherwise I think the main type of contribution lately has been tournament reports, and I’d love to see people simply publishing them directly on the BBS here:

You won’t have to wait for the editors to go over your submissions and you can do pretty much all the same formatting as on the front page. Reports don’t need to be all fancied up and posterized on the front page; do them for yourself so you can look back later and reminisce.

If you have any feedback or questions about these changes, let me know! Also, writers: If you decide on article topics, you can post them here and I’ll make edits to the schedule.

Could we still have the draft category and you could publish some good articles from there. You find some little gems time to time like OshaWaterBottle’s article. That was a nice article and it would be a shame for another like that not to make the front page.


I want to try at least September limiting the content and see how it goes. So few people write articles like @OshaWaterBottle did anyway and you’re going to be getting more free content to read. I want to move the emphasis away from article writing to forum discussion. Writing a proper article is difficult and I’d like to get the BBS as active as possible. Forums are fun when the discussion is lively.

Has anyone done 2008 yet?

Nope! Relatively little has been published on old decks so far.

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Heads up: @eriknance’s article for today is going to be pushed back to tomorrow (Wednesday 9/10). Sorry for the delay!

Just to keep everyone in the loop, Kyle’s article will be out tomorrow sometime. Erik’s and Dustin’s articles have been published. Jay’s has been edited and is scheduled for 9 AM EST Friday.

Kyle’s article is 90% edited, but there is one section that I’m waiting for him to clarify before I publish. Sorry about the wait everyone.

@Rsabelhaus’s article will in all likelihood be out tomorrow too. I’m really sorry about all the recent delays. School has started up for most of our writers and I think they’ve ended up with less available time to write than anticipated.

Ryan’s article is mostly edited, but I’m waiting to hear back from him on moving a few parts around.

Jon’s throwback article on the 2008 format was sent in a little while ago and I’ll be working on it this afternoon. Both articles will be published tonight.