Seniors—2016 SixPrizes U.S. Nationals Fantasy Competition

Hello 6P Users! Today, we’re excited to announce the beginning of our site (and community)-wide annual U.S. Nationals Fantasy Competition. This is the thread for the Seniors version. For the Masters, head over here.

What’s this, you may ask? Well, in a traditional fantasy draft, participants pick players they think will do well at U.S. Nationals, going in order until a set number of players have been picked. However, due to the limitations posed by a forum environment, we’re going to follow a salary cap format instead.

You’ll have a salary cap of ₽30,000 to pick 5 players that you expect to do well at US Nationals. Players will be assigned a cost based on the following formula:

  • ₽500 per 50 Championship Points, rounded down.
  • ₽1,000 per Earned Bye from State or Regional Championships.
  • Any player with less than 250 Championship Points has a base cost of ₽1,500.

For example, a player with 385 CP and no Earned Byes would cost ₽3,500. A player with 100 CP and 1 Earned Bye would cost ₽2,500.

Special Notes for Seniors: As you’ve probably noticed, the structure is a bit different from the Masters competition. This was done in compensation for the inherently lesser pool of talent when compared to the Masters division. Simply, there are less of you, thus, there are not as many viable options. This has been combatted in 3 ways:

  • Deeper pool of funds: In order to balance the high cost of the elite seniors relative to their peers, the overall pool of ₽/Player has been heavily increased compared to the Masters event.

  • Prize Payout over CP Payout: In order to place emphasis on making correct selections deep into the tournament, the points structure for this competition places greater emphasis on higher finishes. Let’s be honest, picking the difference between T16 and T8 out of 256 is a much different task than picking T16 vs T8 out of 1000.

  • Canadian Tiebreaker: In the event of the same teams being selected, the standing of the Canadian Senior whose name you submit will be used to determine the higher standing. In the event that both teams are completely identical and both players choose the same Canadian Senior, priority will go to the person who submitted first.

In the event of all other ties (i.e., teams weren’t completely identical), like in the Masters event, the Standing of Worst Player will be used as a tiebreaker.

I’ve compiled CP and Prices for every American Senior with more than 250 CP or an Earned Bye in this spreadsheet for your reference.


For the Seniors edition, the TCG Scholarship/Travel Certificate Table will be used as a point distribution for this contest. In order to maintain a degree of balance, the payout for 1st and 2nd Places will be reduced to ₽7,500 and ₽4,000 respectively.

Team Submission:

We’re going to try something different this year with team submission. Rather than posting here, you’re going to follow the link below to the handy Google Form. Hopefully, this reduces errors and permits for easy scoring. Important note: Currently, all players with 250+ CP or who have Earned Byes are listed in the form. If you would like to select a player with less than 250 CP that is not not the list, please choose a Placeholder at the bottom of the form and post in this thread with the players you’d like added and I’ll make the change.

Team submission: Team submission will close at 9PM EST on Monday, June 27th.

In all cases, if I’m unable to determine who the player you intend to add to your team is (whether it be a write-in via the Other or one of the incomplete names Rankings offered me), that slot will be wasted.

Submitted teams/Final Standings can be viewed here:

Good luck!

It says on the team submission that the cap is 30,000, is this a typo then?

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Argh, I swore I double checked for the differences between this and Masters. You’re correct, typo.

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So with this one, we only pick seniors and with the other one we only pick masters?

It only allows us to pick 5 players [quote=“KPiplup, post:1, topic:8793”]
You’ll have a salary cap of ₽30,000 to pick 10 players

Which is right—another typo carried over, ugh.

@Dweinhardt, yes, it’s two seperate competitions.

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Please note the revision for clarity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.

Should we tell someone if we aren’t going to nats?

If you aren’t, may as well state it in case someone picks you.

Well I’m not going to nats (Emery Taylor)

whoever is Justin Hendershot, “Kiernan Wagner” is not Canadian.

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Feel free to pick me for the Canadian Nats :wink:

No offense but Josh Fernando is the pro pick

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I don’t want to sound like an arrogant jerk, but I won Missouri states, and it does not list me having any byes.

If you notice, there is a list of States on the right side of the column for which we could not locate the bye winner. It’s the fact that nobody knew who you were, not that I intentionally excluded you. I’ll added that information, thanks.

Alright, thank you. 20

@KPiplup Key note: I have 464 CP, which would raise my price to $5500. I have an un-updated LC win that is currently in the process of being updated.

All $ values are final as of Rankings pulled on June 2nd. I don’t really have time to mess around with LCs altering people by a few points, unfortunately.


I’m glad the education system is in good shape…

Preston Ellis (if someone would please contact him, not immediately aware of a 6P username)
Connor Pederson (if someone would please contact him, not immediately aware of a 6P username)
Joe Herbert (if someone would please contact him, not immediately aware of a 6P username)
Charlie Kerr (if someone would please contact him, not immediately aware of a 6P username)

You are over the ₽ limit. If you don’t have the edit link still handy, let me know what you’d like changed.


Is this salary or people limit?