Selling Bulk Cards


Hey guys, I’ve got a little problem on my hands. After my mother told me to clean up my room, one thing led to another and now I’ve got 2700 bulk cards that I need to get rid of for as much money as possible.

Anyways, I can sell these all to my local game store for ~$100 CAD, or I can sell it to TrollAndToad for ~$200CAD, but I’ve had poor experiences with T&T and don’t want to get ripped off. Do you guys have any suggestions as to where I can sell all of my bulk cards?



I actually like T&T rates. The problem is shipping. Right now I am saving all my bulk for when I can trade it with them when I can do it in person. Just call them and ask when they will be in your area for a MTG event. Then, tell them what you have and ask for a trade rate. Meet them, exchange for cards, and you are golden! If you want to trade for Pokémon, you’ll have to broker that in advance so they have the cards on your arrival. But I would trade bulk for MTG, so in my case I won’t need to do this. If you need to turn quickly this obviously won’t work. But I had no problem shipping T&T my bulk. I ended up using the credit six months later for no problems.


Is it store credit or cash?

It said for orders over $30(?) that they could send you a check, but they are notoriously unreliable.

All in all, shipping will cost me ~$35 CAD including insurance for $200. I’m just really turned away by all of the horror stories with T&T.


I sold for credit and got a much higher rate than cash.


I read on it and it said it only gave you an extra 25% credit on non-bulk items. I don’t know if that is an extra bonus or the only bonus, but I’d probably have to figure out what I would want before I ship it to them to see if it would be worthwhile for me. They’d probably take around 3-4 weeks to ship it to me based on their track record,but it’d be pretty much free because I just had all this stuff laying around :stuck_out_tongue:


Look into CoolStuff in Florida. I’ve been sending my bulk there because their 25% bonus applies to bulk cards as well, and they are generally more reliable in terms of delivery times than T&T. I get my CoolStuff packages in Alberta after about seven business days and only costs around $5 to ship, whereas the typical T&T package comes without tracking and costs $11 to ship.

To save money on shipping bulk, buy 800 count boxes from any card store … They usually hold 1140 to 1150 cards each. Put 8 of those into a big paper box (like the ones you can pick up at Staples). That should save you a bit on shipping costs. Shipping from Alberta to Orlando is usually $90 on 9000 cards, but I’ve paid $60 for just over 3000 cards the first time I did it. It gets cheaper the more cards you manage to get into the box.

(When you use their VIP program, the prices are equivalent to T&T on virtually all Pokemon singles.)

If this sounds too much like an advertisement for them, I apologize. I have no commercial interest in the site; just a very happy customer. :blush:


I 100% agree. I live in Florida and frequent Cool Stuff their bulk rates are great and they do it for multiple games.



I’m about ready to sell and I click proceed to checkout and lo and behold, the cart balance drops by ~$5.

Apparently while I was out buying a shipping container for the cards from Dolly’s, somebody else sold 75 holo rare cards to T&T and that was their quota for those cards.

Any idea when they will update their buylists? I’m not going to sell all my bulk and still have a stack of 40 lying around (at least my mother won’t).

Also, my grand total is just over 3000 cards, not including the stuff my mother doesn’t know exists :sunglasses:

Thanks for all of the help so far!


So now I’m in the ‘no sorted bulk’ fiasco.

Dammit, T&T, I thought we were friends. :rage:


This is why I no longer use T&T. CSI, as praised above, is my vendor of choice.


Yeah bro just use Cool Stuff


So, at this point they’ve said that they have processed my order and they are waiting for accounting to send me my check. So no problems, yay!


What was your game store that u were thinking of selling your bulk (not online)?



Why do you ask?


I was wondering if it was near my area. Is Dollys in Ontario?


I looked it up and it answered that question. So, NVM.