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So I pulled a FA Seismitoad EX from my elite trainer box yesterday(along with an SR M Lucario EX) and have been formulating some deck ideas. The most common one I have seen involve Pyroar and Garbodor, using the new Tool Retriever to take off the Garbodor’s tool when Pyroar is ready to roar, and using LaserBank to increase Seismitoad EX damage. I also run 2 Mewtwo EX for lategame damage. I recently saw another interesting idea though, using Greninja with Water Shrukin to increase the lousy damage output from Seismitoad EX. This one would run a lot of energy retrieval. I feel that the Garb/Pyroar would be better, but I am not sure.

Edit: I just remembered that I saw one that ran Cobalion, not sure how good that one would be though.

Try it with Flareon. It covers the weakness versus VirGen.

Wouldn’t Pyroar be a better counter to VirGen?

Yes. Yes it would

It is at least 20 times better than Flareon. .

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Pyroar discards and is blocked by Garbodor.

Discarding one whole Fire Energy to OHKO a Virizion or a Genesect? I don’t see that as much of a problem.

The Garbodor issue can be solved by playing sensibly and/or running Tool Retriever.

Flareon needs 7 Pokemon in the discard to OHKO a Virizion or Genesect (or 5 with Band). Which is likely half your Pokemon in a Seismitoad deck. Plus it is a lot easier for them to just return the KO on Flareon than it is on Pyroar.

Pyroar is probably the best bet, Flareon doesn’t have enough damage and Greninja is too much trouble to set up.

Pyroar only has 10 more HP

That 10 HP is the difference to a OHKO and a 2HKO in most circumstances.


Seismitoad is best suited yveltal and garb. And is useful to throw in some flare grunts just focus on locking as much as possible and power up yveltal to sweep

And don’t forget, they will have to G Booster you if they want to KO you. Or run Wobuffett or Garb, but that just isn’t senseable

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