Seismitoad-EX counter discussion


if it started sacred swording toad and it had hard charm it could be a disaster to toad`


Even without tools, 60 damage, + 60 healing means Toad needs HTL+ Virbank just to keep up.

Sacred Sword OHKOs Garbodor. That’s a plus.

The only Problem I see with this Virizion is that the only deck that could run it easily is VirGen, which doesn’t need it.


Times when you wish you had Energy Gain…


shaymin works mainly the best but is scary for the chance of starting with it that and it having incredibly low health for 2 prizes leafeon FUF is to risky (same thing as shaymin) leafeon PLF is very effective against quad seismitoad and others variants and is useful in alot of match ups but is still a bit risky but you wont have to add grass energies which is extremely good the promblem is when facing a deck such as seismitoad/garbodor they will usaully put in a charizard or some sort of fire to counter virgin so if anyone finds a pokemon that can one shot seismitoad without being weak to fire not to risky and doesn’t take to much space please let me know ill try the 2/2leafeonPLF and 1 shaymin if i have to much trouble with it


The new Toad deck is really stupid. It’s almost too good. The problem is that you lose if your opponent gets Energy into play.


I’ve tried so many things trying to get around a (nearly all the time) turn 2 lock from seismitoad it is the hardest thing to get around

the only thing i have ever got to beat garbotoad is my dark(yveltal, yveltal/hydreigon (what nerd plays that definitely not me :smiley: ), and virgin
i need help with my charizard deck or do i just auto lose when playing against toad (if I’m wanting to play charizard will that be a risk i have to take

Ex of things I’ve tried:

playing shaymin
doesn’t work since they’ll usaully have an answer in the form of a fire pokemon not to mention it being useless

playing 2/2or 3/2 eevee/leafeon(plasma) it hurts my consistency to much to be able to play not worth the chance of starting with eevee and still getting OHKO to quaking punch (hypnotox)

Lysandyr ill bring up your trubbish and pass first thing he does is attach a float stone

team flare grunt in most situations i feel like 1 isn’t enough ill discard a dce wooooosh another one is attached and is useless in other games

virizion ltr will get OHKO by charizard exs wing attack was a neat idea till i found this out they however they might get stuck up there with a seismitoad for an easy 2 prizes but will more likely get floatstoned to charizard

Malamar/pyroar most likely will be play with garbodor so that idea is gone

tornadoes EX sort of worked but i was usaully falling 20 short because the 60+100 wont equal 180 without a muscle band which most of the time i cant play either i dont get it or the opponent megaphones

is there any card next set that will help decks still be consistent and still beat the toad?(encase if i messed somthing)

like how fighting is getting breloom to “counter” it but it still might not help


The way you make your Charizard work against Toad is play 3-4 Seismitoad in your Charizard deck.


cant beat them join them?


Sorry for this theorymon but I feel it deserves some consideration for people who aren’t as lazy as me and can test this stuff out.

Scizor BCR
CC - Steel Slash

Prevent all damage done to this pokemon by EX’s next turn. 40

It can be fitted into any deck due to the colourless attack cost and even Scyther BCR can chip away at its health due to weakness (Sharp Scythe, 20, CC + Silver Bangle = 100 on Toad - this likely won’t happen as Toad may get item lock on before you attack it). Apart from Scyther being OHKO’d by it with band + laserbank, it at least can provide some assistance with taking it out for the times you don’t get your Scizor out. It’s something I guess.

Here are some of the main advantages Scizor gives -
Versatility - as stated before
Acts as a wall against the Toad - the EX immunity is in an attack so it’s not affected by Garbodor,
Helps against other match ups - almost every deck runs EXes.

The main place this strategy appears to fail is when you’re lasered. If you stay there for 2 turns you’re getting KO’d going into their turn due to Scizor’s 120 hp. Options range from counter stadiums (preferably Steel Shelter) to simply retreating Scizor when you have a loaded Yveltal/Mewtwo/something to finish it off. The Toad player might be discouraged so they may attack with a different poke to free you from item lock for a turn.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t work as it is a stage 1 taking up a fair bit of space. I suggest a 1-1 line for anyone trying this out.


Frolass for daaaaays


Then they attach Waters twice or they can LaserBank for KO…


It takes time to set her up, before which DCE can still be played. While she must be Active to use her Ability, her attack is awful. Not viable at all.


Okay, here are more awful ideas:

Maractus (Plasma Storm 11)

  • Basic
  • One energy for 10 damage + confusion, hits for weakness.
  • Resistance to water


scizor is a good idea since it doesn’t need specific energies (dce) but it’s a stage 1


How about this little guy?


That’s okay, if they don’t play Garbodor.


Very true as it will take up more space however, if you want to counter something like toad, you need to be prepared to make a fair bit of space or you can just improve your other matchups or a hidden gem is yet to be discovered…

A grass energy. This actually could work as you can confuse them and this may deter the Toad from attacking it then you can laser it. A grass energy means you must either run rainbow (vulnerable to enhanced hammer) or basic grass, which makes it useless against any other match up unless it takes up the colourless attack cost.


Illumise - Grass - HP70
Basic Pokemon
[G] Helping Hand: Search your deck for a Basic Energy and attach it to 1 of your Benched Pokemon. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
[C] Spinning Sign: 10 damage. Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Confused.
Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Trevenant-EX - Grass - HP180
Basic Pokemon
[G] Dark Forest: 20 damage. The Defending Pokemon can’t retreat during your opponent’s next turn.
[C][C][C] Wood Blast: 50+ damage. This attack does 20 more damage for each [G] Energy attached to this Pokemon.
When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 3

Might next set have the answer? No grass pokemon next set resist water


I just had the pleasure or lack there of playing a Toad/Slurpuff deck. In my Yvetal EX deck, I play a copy of Aegislash EX to help provide a wall against Donophan so I don’t have to run lots of enhanced hammers/etc.

It definitely bought me lots of time against this deck too. The challenge with the Toad/Slurpuff deck is that he ran ringers/hammers etc as well as lasers which I found more annoying than anything else. He had a 2 prize card lead by the time I started spreading damage and making him nervous, then he played a Lysandre Trump and it started all over again. Slurpuff having Dark Resistance is not favorable either.


With Wally in the picture, would that change?