Seismitoad-EX counter discussion


I can’t find Red Genesect on bebesearch. I wanted to test it as a suicune counter on playtcg. :frowning:


It should be a black star promo. Also if you were searching “red Genesect” you may not find it since the card is still named genesect.


I only see these four:


Any thoughts on Virizion LTR as a way to stall and set up vs. the toad?


Hmmmmm. That is pretty good. Too bad i traded away my full are version of the NVI one… :sob:


Bebesearch is bad about the black star promos. There is no Honedge XY11 (promo), and other stuff, which is why I don’t make my deck lists on there. I do it on good old Microsoft word, and looking at my cards :smiley:


to be honest, my first idea was pyroar…and then it was totally destroyed because of garbodor…

after some thought and my temporary hiatus from the game, for me, the best counter would be Pyroar and Friends. BUT, youre gonna have to bring specific friends. In my case, I run Mewtwo EX Qwilfish FLF and Chatot PLB(?)

the logic

well, ability or not, Qwilfish can sort of act as my laserbank which ultimately helps setup the toad to be KO’d by Mewtwo or Pyroar. Although that deck runs switch (2 i suppose) it does have a hefty retreat cost

Mewtwo EX is just a great attacker, just hope the match won’t devolve into a Mewtwo War

lastly Chatot PLB(?)…incredibly annoying Pokemon if you ask me. I had some success with this when everyone in my area was running toolbox. It removes Garbodor’s tool and its second attack can help set up Seismitoad EX to be knocked out by confusing it. Just my two cents on the thing. I havent fully tested this out yet, but in theory it should work.

on a side note i run one Team Flare grunt to at least buy me some time.


Well idk if this helps, but I’ve been using Jolteon PF in my Eeveelutions deck to counter Toad and other EX. I use his second attack to keep the EX from attacking, then I use HTL and Dragalge to keep them from retreating, forcing them to use Switch.


How can you play HTL when you are under Item Lock? Dragalge can be shut down by Garbodor, too.

EDIT: Has anyone considered Pokemon Center Lady? It can heal off a Muscle Banded Quaking Punch and remove Poison and Sleep from HTL (which are a big source of Toad’s damage output). In theory it can really help with the prize exchange.


My experience so far is that TFG and Lysandre largely nullify the Toad!


What does TFG stand for?


Team Flare Grunt maybe? I don’t know though, never heard anyone use the abbreviation TFG before. Team Flare Grunt, however, would be fairly absurd to run because of how much it would hurt a deck overall. Sure, it knocks off a DCE, but in the end of the day you are probably just hurting your set up farther.

A good way to counter Seismitoad, and I hate to say it, is to attack on the first attacking turn of the game with your own Seismitoad. If you are winning the race of “30 damage, no items,” you are going to win the game. That’s why I’m such a big fan of running at least 2 Seismitoad in any deck that can run Double Colorless Energy. Then you can also play Mewtwos. All in all, Seismitoad EX and Mewtwo EX are, imo, the shining stars of this new format.


Come on, That was my secret counter to SeismetoadEX!!! :frowning:


hmm, you could also build a rogue milling deck, as long as you keep in mind of whats going on in the meta. Yes, it would have Toad in it, since it has such a heavy locking mechanism you almost need to counter it with a toad, within your counter lock milling becomes possible. Grenade Hammer is deemed, bad but the fact that you could intentionally hit 2 Reshiram, silver bangle them and then your set on 1 hit koing Virizion genesect. *** Sorry must of done my math wrong here, none the less it would still be threatening as a silver bangle would bring it down to 10 hp.


It’s hard to play Silver Bangle after your opponent says “Quaking Punch.”


what about a xerneas/aromatisse deck, there are not very many metal decks out there.


He didn’t mean weakness as in Pokemon weakness, he meant something that counters the deck. So your Xerneas Aromatisse deck is countered by Garbodor.


i thought of that, but Xerneas Aromatisse is pretty confident with getting through a thick garbodor line


Yeah, I really hate quacking punch, unfortunately I have a match against Yveltal decks with Seismitoad Techs, maby 1 or 2 Mewtwo EX, Darkrai EX. I mean odds are just pushing against me, Yveltal Having resistance and then Landorus being weak to Seismitoad + laser damage. I really can’t think of a good counter strategy, I can tweak the deck but it still has to revolve around Landorus being the main or sub attacker. Any advice other than your screwed? I mean obviously I could run Seismitoad too but it’s just pointless when MewTwo and Yveltal both benefit from it.


Try not to let your opponent hit Landorous with Seismitoad, instead use Lucario and fill your hand up, if the opponent then responds by promoting Mewtwo, they have broken the item lock and next turn you should be able to response with your own Mewtwo w/ muscle band and switch. Also run a higher stadium count (fighting stadium is awesome) to counter the Virbank and the laserz will be less of a problem.

I also hate the resistance on Yveltal, it turns him into a 190HP pokemon against a Fighting type…but if you see Darkrai try to lysandre and OHKO at all times!