Seismitoad-EX counter discussion


wow. Seems like everybody has friends now


Everybody but me. ;_;

Edit: are we sure Big Basics counters the Toad? Isn’t Mewtwo the only one who counters it from that deck?


It depends on the seismi deck you are fighting againsts. But in this format, these type of built decks has good chances against it


Not supporters though, why would I drop consistency?

More dmg = greater effect/abilities = autowin ~ (because your not relying on them your opponent is, and if they rely on what isn’t there then you win because they misplay).

Pyroar has problems as garbodor shuts down the ability, muscle band and a laser hits for knock out, so not even a counter, more like the deck that counters it.

eevelutions, everything has under 110 hp, with the above statement, by turn 2 eevees then manually evolve, there best card gets to hit for 120 max dmg (if they play a max potion or switch your back to square 1 after it ko’s your leafeon, because you have no fast setup), not really a counter more like a punching bag.

cobalion and what? I posted this before but unless you can hit the seismetoad for more dmg then you you get shutdown (in 2 turns theoretically, cobalion needs 3 to be solid, EX or otherwise), if it has abilities it is a bad matchup.

Overall, its consistency, seismetoad/garbo is fast, I mentioned that playing very out there decks tend to catch the deck/player off guard and make them lose focus, Playing to overall counter this deck isn’t to counter this deck at all, it is more about reviewing your options and trying to make your deck more overall consistent. I also don’t think of toad/garbo as a lock more disruption, I’ve played decks that lock by allowing your opponent to not attack or retreat while giving them very little to setup with on the bench, that is a lock, if they can still attack and do little, disruption.


Don’t rely on this. Most decks with toad run garb


And pay the $100+ cost for Virgen? Over hear in the free land of New Zealand it would cost at least $130 USD. Leafeon is a better counter and can be slotted into decks that run rainbow energy or grass energy.


Red Genesect perhaps?


I don’t see it being that great or versatile


Tropius PLB could work. For [G][C] it will do a guaranteed 120 damage against a Seismitoad with a DCE attached. If you manage to attach a Muscle Band before the item lock, it’s doing 160, which leaves a Toad in range of:
-Megalo Cannon snipe
-Frozen City damage (if the DCE was attached while this was in play)


I think leafeon (energy crush) is the best option.


It does have a similar effect as Tropius, and it does cost one less energy. However, evolutions can be hard to use when locked by Seismitoad, so I would say the fact that Tropius is basic makes using the one extra energy worth it.


Fortunately FFI Eevee can work around that


If you’re going to build a deck from scratch it will cost you. Seismitoad cost me £50. Landorus would cost you £100 and VirGen is the middle boy.


Not with Garbodor out it can’t.


Tropius uses 1 grass, and a colorless, while leafeon uses 1 colorless. That makes it really hard to Ko toad before the lock. You would need to attach a grass, TP badge and Colress machine to attack turn 1(if going 2nd). Also, with leafeon, all you need is a DCE and an eevee, and someway to get leafeon. Leafeon hits for more damage too


Red Genesect hits for weakness and has the possibility of discarding energy for a DCE. Not the best card in the world but a soft counter nonetheless.


I love the way you are pushing this card, im going to give her a go and see how she performs.


Actually Leafeon doesn’t need DCE, Energy Crush costs 1 [C]


I just managed to beat x3 toads with a very lucky Cacturne (PLF). Managed to get a Silver Bangle & Grass Energy attached for OHKOs. Even managed to get a Mr. Mime on the bench to stop the 30 damage. I think this could only happen very rarely, but still, was fun.


We know, Phoenix15 said that when he said “while leafeon uses 1 colorless” Your input is appreciated however.