Seismitoad-EX counter discussion


Destroyed isn’t the word I’d use. You can always beat Toad, it’s not Exodia. Beating Toad is the same as beating Mewtwo-EX, Yveltal-EX, and Pyroar. Finding the right option is what’s hard.


At leatd with said pokemon such as Yveltal there are immediate responses in our format to deal with them however with the toad he shuts down a large portion of our decks. I would totally understand if his attack cost was [W] [C] but [C] [C] hurts. Head noiser could really help beat him in the right situation however a more immediate attackin option is needed, not that I condone the production of overpowered ex pokemon.


Escape rope comes into play before the toad has started locking, and Lysander afterwards. I generally play around him while taking shots where I can. For a straight Seis/Garb I will try and pull out Garb or toads with no energy. I find it better to dodge and weave with the toad rather than try and counter directly, but that could just be my play-style. I also use a lot of lasers and Snorlax is my friend, haha! So it stacks nicely and generally gets me the KOs I need. Also, I do support the use of Team Flare Grunt, but I just run one. Pal Pad allows you to make that two if you’re facing decks that require their use, otherwise it’s great for Lysandre, etc. Between 2/3 Lysandre, Flare Grunt, escape rope and attacks, Seis hasn’t been incredibly devastating as of yet, though definately formiddable. I use the toad as a one-of tech in most decks running 4 DCE.


So I did this for fun but I made this beat stick tornadus/toxicroakEX deck, it just ruined a few quad seismetoad/garbo decks on play, hohoho, I really don’t feel at all that sorry about them, quad virbank is OP.


Which tornadus? The EX, or FFI, or LDT?


I used to play toxicroak EX in real life and after a long time playtesting its just bad. The damage output is nowhere near enough to get consistent knockouts and toxi is left vulnerable.


Toxicroak EX, tornadus EX. Again I played this for fun, mainly because I was bored with the meta lists, play was clogged full of quad seismetoad/garbo, I won’t even tell people what I used for switching pokemon out for and what I used for healing.


Let me guess, Cassius and Pokemon Center Lady?


From testing in a tourney format (best two out of three 50 min) a seismitoad deck is quite annoying and very hard to deal with. The game is long and drawn out no matter what you do usually lasting around 30 to 45 mins for a single game. Smart toad players will realize this. There’s hardly time for a second game much less a third. Should the toad player win the first game that’s where it’s all over. Counters that will slow your deck down will not help. The first game needs to be taken swiftly in order for you to have a chance. In 1 on 1 it could go either way but in a tourney play it as if it’s a 1 on 1. That’s my biggest problem I’ve ran into. Just a little insight.


And should the toad player get off to a wretched start, they can concede quickly, and attempt to lock the 2nd game for a tie. I underestimated toad at first. Is it time to sound the alarm?


Exactly toad is much better in tournament settings


I know right?! There is no variety anymore.

I am kind of sad you won’t give us a list. If it is so good, then shouldn’t it be shared? And then we can all try to see if we can make it better?


2 hawlucha and 3 fighting stadium seem to do the trick in fighting decks.
Seismitoad needs a muscle band, and laserbank to ohko hawlucha…
hawlucha needs to hit for 100 one turn and 80 the next to secure a 2hko (stadium, strong energy, muscle band) against the toad.


That is an item card. Don’t count on being able to use it


If you hate toad so much play VirGen.


true, but muscle band isnt needed so badly if you can keep fighting stadium out for 2 turns. just need a strong energy on one of your hawlucha then.
seismitoad wont always get the ohko either - it has to use a laser with a muscle band and virbank out, all for 1 prize. if it misses the ohko once the trade swings hugely to hawluchas favour.


I’m sick of VirGen after watching Worlds, but that’s just me.


[quote=“Phoenix15, post:52, topic:2108”]
If it is so good, then shouldn’t it be shared?[/quote]

That’s completely up to the individual.

Many players prefer not to share as they would like to retain the advantage of having what they consider the best list. Especially as they put the work into developing it.

Whatever a player decides, their decision should be respected and not questioned.


Some possible counters:
Heracross w/ Hard Charm
Virizion and friends
Big Basics (Lando/Lucario/Mewtwo)
Eeveelutions deck
Cobalion and friends
Pyroar and friends


Thank you for putting that out