Seismitoad-EX counter discussion


While I was playing on PTCGO, I went up against my first Seismitoad EX/Garbodor deck and first-hand realized the power of that disruption as I got 6-0’d, granted, I was using a pretty clunky Tyrantrum/Drifblim deck, I had a hard time getting anything powered up besides the single Landorus FUF that I had to try to gain some ground but ultimately failing to do anything.

SO! What I would like to see through this discussion is how the few Seismitoad counters that we have can make their way into our decks for the upcoming season.

Here are my top 3 counters:
Shaymin EX- Revenge Blast
Leafeon PLF- Either attack
Leafeon FUF- Soothing Scent

And one for a “different” approach, Exeggutor PLF- Blockade

I figured that Shaymin is the most reliable for a fighting deck running Landorus b/c with a tech rainbow energy and a single Shout of Power, and with the opponent taken 2 prize cards, Revenge Blast OHKO’s any Seismitoad.

The Leafeon aren’t all that great other than if you go second, an Eevee FUF and basic grass will be doing a decent chunk; Leafeon FUF does 60 or 100 with a muscle band and puts them to sleep, which could potentially keep them from attacking.

Well, there’s all my ideas, I hope to hear from the rest of the community.

Is there anyway to get around Seismitoad without changing your entire deck?
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I think it’s quite tough to use evolutions (even Stage 1s) as tech counters for Seismitoad because of the Item lock. With a thin line, you are relying on a fair bit of luck to just draw into them with no access to Ultra Ball. You can’t afford to leave a weak Basic (like Eevee) on the Bench while you wait for your Leafeon because they will Lysandre it if they suspect something’s going on.

What might buy you some time is a Pokemon with an Amnesia-style attack to stop Quaking Punch . . . but I can’t think of any that are going to be practical.


Honestly, I believe one of the best Seismitoad counters is Virizion EX. It’s a Basic, but the most important thing is the Water Resistance. I know Leafeon PLF has it too, but that’s already been mentioned. Until Seismitoad gets a Muscle Band they are hitting for a measly 10 damage. You can also 2HKO them with 2 Energy. Another counter I thought of yesterday (and I don’t know how practical this is), is Skarmory EX. Joust does 30 damage, but it discards all Tools attached to your opponents Pokemon. Would this be useful to get rid of tools on Garbodor and use your Abilities again? I was thinking for a deck like Plasma, so you could increase your damage output even without access to Muscle Band/Hypnotoxic Laser. Thoughts?


Right now Seismitoad decks fear Vir/Gen so much that most decks are running a counter grass. Either Reshiram LT or Flareon PLF.

I could also mention that Vir/Gen decks fear Pyroar so are starting to use a 2-2 line of Beartic FUF.

What I am trying to say is that every deck will have a weakness and I think it’s important to cut the disadvantage you are at as much as possible as long as you don’t end up massively compromising the main strengths of the deck you are using. As Wrags23 says above, try and squeeze in a Virizion EX might be the best option but I don’t think it would be enough to counter a good Seismitoad deck completely


i think the key right now to a strong deck is having the counters and countering the counters


I have been testing Seismitoad with Reshiram. The VirGen matchup is unfavorable but winnable. I am 2/2 against it. (I know it isn’t a lot but the the testing shows that it isn’t an autoloss.)


So, in other words, if you can beat every other deck, you have a strong deck? Great advice…


or if you can at least handle every other deck and we have alot of great counters right now


Pokemon Center Lady and Cassius are healers which cannot be blocked. In every deck I’ve run them in they give enough of a leg up to the point where I’m able to win.


I’ve also tested those cards and I agree that they do help quite a bit. Cassius is not only a healer but can be used to get Pokemon that are stranded in the Active after an opposing Lysandre/Catcher.


Virizion ex. That is all


there is more than that virision EX just dose not work for every deck


After doing some massive testing virizion doesn’t offer that much, hits for 100 max after the lock and after I hit for 30+, turn after mewtwo or lando plus garbo and I pretty much knock it out. It’s like virizion in aromatisse, it ended up costing alot of players games and in theory isn’t worth it, seimetoads lock hurts and stackable dmg is always what it is.


Why don’t you think about using Team Flare Grunts? Most people who use Seismitoad EX rely on the fact that his attack needs only a DCE. Team Flare Grunt is a supporter which means it can’t be item locked like Hammer is. Once you get the DCE off them, they can’t search for more and it is unlikely they will have any in their hand. That means you’ll have time to get rid of the threat. Plus, Skyla can search for Grunts. I know most people don’t like Grunts, but you gotta think out of the box, ya know?


If you only play one grunt then your not going to do well. Also you can’t use Skyla and Grunt on the same turn.


Mewtwo can greatly outspeed Seismatoad and your opponent will probably have to break the lock to get rid of him. There is also Jynx, ability-based, but could screw with KO math, especially with Quaking Punch’s low damage output.


Pyroar is a counter to Seismitoad EX, but because it is a stage one that means you have to draw it under item lock. I think TCG wants the players to use more supporter cards, I mean everything is becoming a supporter card now days, catcher (lysnadre), super scoop (cassius), level/dual ball (poke collector), ect… Just use more Supporters, that is the best counter to Seismitoad EX.


Then play more than one…


Show me a consistent list that has good matchups other than Seismitoad that has 2 Flare Grunts and I’ll shut up.


My friends Genesect/Virizion deck. Just saw it played. Wrecks face.