Secret commands, bbs -> forums, and tags


bbs -> forums

I’m planning on changing the connotation from bbs to forums by the end of this month. I thought bbs was cool at first and I wanted to differentiate from the old forums, but I think “forums” is more universally understood than the “bbs” abbreviation, which is important for new users to understand the platform.

If you have any gripes about this upcoming change, let me know and I’ll listen. I’m pretty convinced this is the right move though.


I installed a new tagging plugin today. In addition to categorizing a topic, tags can be added to it too. Users who are trust level 3 can create new tags, all others can assign them.

I’m not sure if tagging will be helpful here, but I want to at least let you all know we have it now and I’m happy to discuss ways of potentially utilizing it!

##Secret Commands

I’ve added these to the welcome thread, but here they are as well for reference. The expanding text is new. The others have been around but haven’t been widely publicized.

Expanding Text

[details=] … [/details]

Click to view more

Spoiler Alert

[spoiler] ... [/spoiler]

M Rayquaza-EX is going to be really good.

Colored Text

[color=] ... [/color]

This text is red. color=red

This text is teal. color=#00a191


  1. Start your topic title with "Poll: "
  2. Include a list (numbered or bulleted) in your post

To close the poll, change the start of the topic title from "Poll: " to "Closed Poll: " or close the topic.

General Discussion Have a chat!

Is it possible to list the colors? Or is there somewhere i can find them? Thanks


Don’t unnecessarily use colors though. The feature was originally added for labeling placements in tournament standings (e.g. in a top 32 list all names in green made top 16, names in orange made top 8, etc.). I could see colors maybe helping in trade threads too.


Expect some downtime today/this weekend. I’m going to be initiating the move from bbs to forums. :hammer: :wrench: :fire:

EDIT: Ok, phase 1 should be complete. I wanted to switch to a new server and do a fresh install of the forum software since it’s changed so much the past year and I don’t know if I had everything configured correctly.

Phase 2 will be to change from bbs to forums. Will be working on that this evening.

General Discussion Have a chat!

That’s what it was, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


Going into read-only mode for a little bit…

EDIT: bbs -> forums is complete. New logo coming next week (maybe). Sorry for all the downtime today – things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I hoped they would.