"Seas to Skies" – Thunderstruck, Trainers' Mail Time, and Archie's Ascent

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Very nice article! I actually love using Mega Manectric as well and have been using it ever since it came out. I loved the idea of your deck with Virizion/Genesect/M Manectric. After seeing some of the results from the Top 8’s at this weekends Regionals, I’m actually going back and forth with using your list (I may change up the rough seas) and a M Manectric/Seismitoad/Suicune that I’ve been testing.

Hi Andrew, I actually used a M Manectric/Empoleon deck similar to yours at Seattle Regionals yesterday. I finished 4-3-1, after scooping my final round to a friend who needed top 32 points. The main difference between our lists that I saw was that I opted to not run Suicune and DCE, and instead ran 4 Acro Bike. Being able to dig through my deck very quickly was helpful to hit my Max Potions and Rough Seas when I needed them. I’m not entirely sure that Suicune would have helped in my 2 “real losses”, but I thought you might be interested in hearing about a different take on the deck. Thanks!

No Ace Spec in the Flareon list?

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Vysekun, you’re right! There’s no ACE SPEC in the Flareon list in this article!

At Seattle regionals I played LandyBats for swiss, and ran into a M Manectric/BK (Black Kyurem EX)/Empoleon list in round 3. I won the series 2-1, but in the first game my opponent got TWO Archie’s off; one on turn 1 going first, and another on turn 2! Either my opponent was playing an ultra-consistent list, or he just got super lucky. It was kind of funny in a way. I also remember that in game 1 my opponent had like 10 or less cards in his deck on turn 2. Unfortunately, he Trump Card’ed, but still! Guess the name “Suicide Manectric” fits the deck like a key in a lock, since the deck burns through cards super fast!

That definitely sounds like my list, I just didn’t run Black Kyurem. I had quite a few double Empoleon games, and a lot where I was Trumping by turn 2 or 3!

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile: M Manectric has been rising in popularity a ton these past few weekends, and it’s really cool to see it doing well. Seismitoad is definitely a good consideration for the deck, and you’ll have to determine if M Manectric/Virizion/Genesect is a good play for your metagame.

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Hey Gelato! I actually tested Acro Bike, and although it came in handy a lot, I ultimately decided to cut them out for things that would help overall consistency, like the second Archie’s. Plus, I liked to have the room to tech the deck out :wink:

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@Vysekun: My bad! I’ll let Adam know to fix that right away. It should be -1 Trainer’s Mail and +1 Computer Search.

@smashandslash: Yeah the deck certainly runs through the deck incredibly quickly haha. That has happened to me quite a bit. Two Archie’s in the first two turns is definitely lucky, but not too too uncommon. One time, I even got myself down to 5 cards within the first couple turns of the game!

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Wow! That is so cool!