Screenshot Posts?


I took a screenshot on my pc, and I pasted it in the reply area, but every time it told me it was too big to be uploaded. Should this be fixed, or is there a way to post a screenshot? The older system allowed it.


Can you check how big the file size is?


I don’t think so, since it is just an image copied directly from the screen.


I used the Prnt Scrn Button


It looks like the max file size is 1024 kb, which is the same as on the old forums, so I’m not sure why it worked there. (The file size can change depending on the number of colors in the image.)

I’ll increase the size limit, so try again and let me know if it works.


It works. Thanks.
Here is the screenshot, by the way:


Hmm says it’s only 400 KB. Weird. Not sure why it wouldn’t originally upload.


hmm…that’s awkward.