Scizor ex/Zoroark help // Standard 2016

I’m trying to build Scizor ex/Zoroark (not mega scizor) but i need some help.
Can you guys give me some deck lists that i can test? (I’ve found not much success so far)
By the way, i want to use Stand in and float stones to target shaymins and prime targets, with at least 3 lysandre and 4 vs seekers

No, not really, as you aren’t supposed to ask for them anyways…

Maybe cause the deck just won’t work?

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The deck does work okay, but i can’t seem to get a consistent list going. i’ve had trouble with zoroark count, acro bikes, super rods, float stone counts, muscle band counts and couple more

Google the deck, and then make a list. Post it in the uncategorized non-meta xy-on and then we can start to make improvements