"School's Out" – Fun Decks for Summer (Revenge Night March and Poliswag)

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Sweet decklists! I tried to make Chandelure PHF work when it first came out, but there were a lot of problems with the deck. I’m honesty shocked there isn’t any Rare Candy or Wally in that deck, but like you said deck space is very tight.

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The point of Chandelure is to recall Night March, so Rare Candy destroys your strategy. I do agree that a single copy of Wally would be nice, though.

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Totally came to a similar conclusion with Politoed. I was praising Archie’s usefulness for a long time. Almost thought I was crazy. lol

You’re definitely right there, Wally would have been a good inclusion. The space is really tight, but I actually didn’t even think about a Wally >.< Brain fart on my end for sure.

Poliswag in action!


Yeah Squeaky was nice enough to try the deck out for a game. I watched him play a few more games with the deck and it could definitely use another Rare Candy. Also a Celebi-EX would be nice or maybe switch the stadium to Shrine of Memories to use Poliwhirl more.

I’ve been trying out the Night March deck and it’s a really cool deck tbh. It’s amazing against Mega decks.

Anyways, I flipped the Mystery and Psychic Energy count since I wanted to be able to deal with Aegislash, cut out Swampert for 1 copy of Shrine and a Xerosic.


After so many matches with the Mew Night March, this one feels like putting on new shoes. It’s really awkward, discarding all 4 Lampents off the bat out of habit only to realize what i just did later. :sweat_smile:

Anyways, Chandelure is surprisingly tanky, and has one thing other Night March variants lack; he ability to trade evenly with Donphan. One thing Chandelure has is Cursed Drop which places 6 damage counters, enough to deal with 2 Subs against Donphan, 2 Joltiks in a mirror, or snipe down a Victini or a Pikachu. There was one match i had against a Colorless M Ray deck, where I won with only one Chandelure that was ‘tanky’ because my opponent was too scared to hit it. I didn’t even need to hit for 220.

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