"Scape" (Weavile PLF) Variants // Legacy

There is almost no content on Legacy! So here’s possibly the most fun deck in format, and certainly tier 1 as well.

Here’s Simon Narode’s build:

Use Weavile’s attack ‘Vilify’ until you take all 6 prizes.
Discard as many pokemon as you like from your hand. This attack does 30 times the number of pokemon discarded.

Use Exeggcute’s propagation to set up quickly and effectively by eliminating the downsides of Junk Arm, Dowsing Machine, and Ultra Ball.

Stream Weaviles using your 2 copies of super rod and 4 copies of Dark patch.

Junk hunt when/if you need to get back resources such as J-arm and Super rod.

When building your own version of Weavile, feel free to edit the list however you like. The list provided has been testing extremely well, however.

NOTES: Through about 20 games with this, I would include a 2nd catcher and a town map.

Town map is for when you prize Exeggcutes and need to find them.
Catcher is for prize trade and a 2nd would greatly improve the Blastoise and TDK matchups.


Blastoise is already an a autowin for weaviles. Everyone’s weavile list looks a little different, but I’ll offer one tip if you are having trouble with tdk (which is another favorable matchup) - add in a silver mirror. One silver mirror will sometimes prevent tdk/virgen from being able to attack you and since you run 4 junk arm AND sableyes - if the mirror does get discarded, you can just reattach it again for the autowin.

It appears that I’ve experienced bad variance-all the Stoise decks I’ve played against (all of about 5) seem to be Catstoise but with 3 Kyurem PLF.

Silver mirror makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

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I agree, Silver Mirror can completely turn around a match very quickly and since you have Junk Arm/Dowsing Machine and Sableye your covered if a Tool Scrapper happens.

Maybe a Weavile UD? Some baby Pokemon?

Baby pokemon are awful as junk hunt is ridiculous and theres tons of laserbank around.

Weavile UD is bad. Completely goes against the strategy and since we only have 4 attackers, we need to keep them.

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What does the Sneasel in the picture say? I can’t focus the image enough to see.

And on a side note, why doesn’t the list run any Battle Compressor? Does it just not need them?

The sneasel is a reprint of the Neo one that was paired with slowking way back when WotC was in charge.

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Nice alternative to the “202020” thing

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To tell you the truth, I’m not completely sure where it came from—I thought I pasted the link, but apparently not.


Battle Compressor isn’t in the Legacy Format.

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