San Jose Regionals October 17 & 18

I am.

Very true

What division?

I’m in Masters. I’m probably not going to try to meet up with you guys, not because I don’t like you, but because I’ve barely interacted with anyone here (except Blargh).

You cut out the [/s] in my statement, which changes the meaning a fair bit.

That’s because I have no idea what it means.

I’ve only interacted with @oshawaterbottle and @bluezune. Meet some new people!

Abbreviation for the pseudo-BB tag [sarcasm][/sarcasm], I assume.

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Are you really 5’8? We are around the same height and a few months ago I was 5’6.
But anyway I wish I was in SoCal right now. AZ and San Jose are really easy trips for me! I’d love to meet up with you guys if I was there.
Good luck guys! And drive/fly safe.

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Where are you at the moment?

You mean 5 hour flights from South America? That’s crazy if your parents would do that all the time.

He meant if he was still living in SoCal
@Ivysaurman, not sure what you mean.

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Sorry, misread his post. Disregard my previous statement.

I got my height checked during PE in school.

Confirmed tall

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Yeah, if you didn’t know, I’m moving back to SoCal in June.
But NEXT Fall Regionals, I will take the 1-2 hour flights to AZ/San Jose. And I will choose flying over driving in a heartbeat becasue my dad flies and we get benefits from the airline.
To put the benefits in perspective:
It is cheaper for me to fly hour-long or more flights, than driving that same distance.

Good luck to everyone! I’m super nervous!!

The lists are up, the 1st place seniors toad/Tina list is crazy. If you haven’t settled yet, go with that or the top 8 senior bunnelby deck.

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So it turns out I can’t go since Troll and Toad sucks and didn’t ship my order even though I paid for express shipping :confused: hope you guys have fun.


Whaaaa??? Can’t you just play something with what you have? It’s still a good experience…

I could play with what I had, if I had anything to play with. I had bought ~1/3 of the deck, many of which were vital cards that I needed. Also, I have absolutely squat to play with since my parents make my consistently sell off stuff to fund new stuff.

Are you here, but you wont be playing, or can you just not come?
Sorry, dude. That sucks. Next time though!

Probably just won’t be going since I don’t really have an interest in the side events and whatnot.

Oh, well. Hope you change your mind!

Also, when did you buy the cards?