San Jose Regionals October 17 & 18

San Jose, California regionals (or NorCal regionals to be short) are coming up! Who else besides me is going? Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the listing, but you can preregister at their facebook page for and registration is on Saturday at 8:00 am.
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
344 Tully Road
San Jose, CA

Also, there is a hotel located literally across the street from the venue.:grin:

Additional question, @Adam, who will have 6P dice that will be there?

Just an FYI, nobody has dice anymore.

Probably no one? I haven’t gotten new dice made in a couple of years now.

That makes me sad… Oh, well.

Bleh I wish I could go…Parents don’t want me to, so oh well…

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I will probably be going to this one. I hope to meet a lot of you there!

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(I feel like doing this instead of playing Melee this weekend)
Playing RatBat like an idiot
Trying not to get a negative record

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What is RatBat? Raticate BCR/Crobat PHF?

My assumption was Raichu XY/Crobat PHF, actually.

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I’m going! Playing a deck that pretty much everyone says won’t work. Hope I have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: And since typing this I’ve gotten 2 PM’s asking what deck I’m playing :confused: . I won’t say who, but I’m not telling until after! Here’s a hint though: It’s a deck that normally would work fine, but the way I’m playing it is hugely frowned upon and not considered a good deck. (I tried to be vague, sorry if it’s confusing)

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Heads up! Check in on Saturday I at 8: AM.

List of People attending as of now:

  1. @jirachi123
  2. @blargh257
  3. @bluezune
  4. @Ziggmiceter
    So with that out of the way, should we have a set location to meet up if any? If not, anything to recognize each other?

I’m 14 and 5’8". You’re tall.
Me, you, and @bluezune are all seniors. After each round, we meet by the pairings, maybe?

I’m normal height for a 14 year old ( I think), and am usually joking around with whoever does not walk away from me (which most don’t :stuck_out_tongue: ). I will probably be wearing over accessorized basketball wear (Nike stuff mostly), so if you see a person that looks like someone dumped a bag of skittles, its probably me.

I’m not sure what I’ll wear, but I’ll look for your and @jirachi123’s name and whatnot. Either way, we’ll probably (hopefully) play each other at least once :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, then we play for who makes cut…

I know. But who’s playing in this and actually trying to win, right? [/s] Still, it’s better to play a person that you at least somewhat know as opposed to a total stranger who might rage on you if you win. Plus, who’s to say that we won’t all make cut? (Really unlikely, I know, but still)

I’ll be there as well.