Salt Lake Regionals(Things to do)


As a Utah resident I have always been a big fan of the Salt Lake regional and have attended them several times in the past. Unfortunately this year I have been to busy to attend any events larger than league cups. HI have had many people attending the event asking me for places to go and places to eat in the northern Utah area. Many of the main attractions such as temple square of the large amount of Mormon temples surrounding the general area can provide a lot of cool photos of sunsets and the architecturally unique building styles you would see on the temple grounds. The majority of the people attending the event happen to not be Mormon majority so this list provides some restaurants and attractions for the average Pokemon player.

The great salt lake is undoubtedly a must see for any Utah visitor. The great salt lake includes a large island in the center perfect for relaxing after a long day of playing. Many people also enjoy renting boats.
Willard Bay state park is also a cool place to check out.
Farmington Bay directly connected to the GSL is also a cool place to check out, Farmington is the home of Lagoon the most popular amusement park in Utah. This is a great place to take some Junior and above players. Lagoon is a family oriented amusement park like many other things in my state. Farmington is around 40 min. from Salt Lake. If you have time be sure to check out the Jordan commons or explore the Provo area where Utah’s 7 peaks is located. In Salt Lake we have the Hogle Zoo(an awesome place) there is a children’s museum, the planetarium, Abbravanel Hall, any many other places. Tracey Aviary in Liberty Park is one of my favorites. If you want to learn about our history head to Temple Square where you can learn about the early settlers and pioneers that traveled to Utah.
Farther south we also have the Living Planet aquarium a must see for families. Be sure that on your visit to Utah for the regionals check out some of the activities we have in Utah. If your coming from Arizona or New Mexico or below Utah make sure you head to St. George to see from unique rock formations and explore the fastest growing town in the country.

I know this topic strayed from information about the actual event but what I wanted to provide was a plan of things to do other than just the event itself. One can only play so many hours of pokemon a day and many of the relaxing spots around Northern Utah are perfect for clearing your mind or thinking about how to play your next day if you make top cut. I hope y’all enjoyed.

EDIT:Bring a jacket or coat.