Salt Lake City Utah Regionals May 23/24

Salt Lake City Regionals will be held on May 23rd/24th at the Utah State Fairpark.

I will be in attendance! First time flying to an event. Who’s all gonna be there?

6p members attending:

Ugh I wish my mom would take me to an event more than an hour away :sleepy:

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Will be there!

What hotel are you staying at if you don’t mind me asking?

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Going (20 character rule)

MIGHT be there, slim chance but I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m gonna be there! Even though I only have 25 points, my hope for worlds is not over yet!

Who’s ready!? On my way to the airport!

I wanted to go, but it’s too far and i already have my invite :frowning:

I went 3-3-1 (disappointing) at the main tournament this weekend. Don’t worry, we played 7 rounds, and FIVE of 7 rounds were Seismitoad decks. To be specific, 1 Seismitoad/Garbodor and 4 ToadPuff. My other 2 matches were Flareon and Primal Groudon.
A mini Tournament Report: (I was playing a different list of Kyogre/Manectric)
The Flareon match was too easy for explanation to be needed. He scooped both games after me taking 3-4 prizes.

The primal Groudon match was the only round I had fun. First game he crushes me. I get nervous. Then games 2 and 3 I use Suicune the whole game. All he has to hit it is Dedenne…

The Seismitoad/Garbodor match was easier than the Flareon match, he had a random Raichu in it. But the opponent was very cool. He sounds too humble for it to be true. After telling me about himself, I actually feel bad beating him. Hope he can succeed in the future.

The other FOUR ToadPuff matches were full of bull. For once, I am on the positive side of having rotations every year, as LaserBank is leaving. Because of this, I am getting rid of Slurpuff in my trading thread (lol) and not trade any hammers, either. Then, I want to collect multiple ToadPuff staples, walk up to a fairly sized audience, and rip all the ToadPuff cards. (except for the king, Seismitoad EX)

Anyway, I didn’t have that much fun at the event. I played at a LC the next day, only one Toad match (yay), but had to drop out to leave to the airport.
Please don’t play Toad.