Rouge decks7347

hey guys, fell free to share your own rouge unique decks

i have an interesting deck idea dugtrio earthquake with strong energy and fighting stadium and mr mime on bench

…I am guessing you mean “Rogue” decks (“rouge” is french for “red” and a kind of make-up).

Unfortunately even when spelled correctly, “rogue” isn’t well defined in TCGs. Some just use it for a deck that bucks normal conventions: maybe its got a vastly different build, maybe its well known but is currently assumed to be a terrible play, etc. There is also a debate on whether or not you can even talk about it in the present tense because some people don’t consider it “rogue” once its known while others are only talking about it in the past tense because they do say that once it is known it is no longer “rogue” and it has to have sufficient success to earn the name “rogue”. I don’t quite agree with that last bit but there have to be standards because a lot of people will try to justify really bad plays or even entire decks as “rogue” otherwise. :wink:

Right @baby_mario?

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@Otaku you dont have to make the pokemon tcg a science

I’m the only one who has posted a response to your thread, Elfking1055; I don’t think you need the tag for people to know to whom your comment was addressed. XD

Anyway, apparently you have not interacted with me or read my work before. I’m just trying to save you some pain. Good luck!

Nope. There’s no attempt to stimulate discussion, just a request for decks. People can chose to share or not without any prompting.

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