Rotom Wishiwashi Deck(RotomWash)

The Rotom actually has some consistent potential now.

Rotom/ Wishiwashi Deck List:

4 Rotom FCO
4 Wishiwashi SM
2 Unown AOR
2 Klefki STS
2 Yvetal STS

4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
1 Lysandre
1 Teammates
4 Bursting Balloon
3 Team Magma’s Secret Base
4 VS Seeker
3 Trainer’s Mail
3 Acro Bike
2 Escape Rope
1 Special Charge
4 Level Ball
3 Nest Ball
2 Buddy Buddy Rescue

4 Double Colorless
4 Darkness Energy

This is a non competitive fun deck, so please don’t take it as a deck that is supposed to win regionals.But in my opinion, it can still win some games against some tier three decks. A fully charged plasmagic and a bursting balloon will do 160, just enough to KO a Jolteon. Have fun!

Just make sure your health wont dip to far down and the deck should be fine. Weaknesses I noticed would be bats as well as decidueye or really any large scale bench hitters like umbreon gx

This is pure genius! Now to make it regional worthy: Challenge Accepted!!!
Ok, we are going to need Meowstic-EX for 10 more damage, (could also use ariados?). We can win prize trades against EX and basic GX like so:
attack opponent -> opponent attacks back (5 prizes) -> attack back (burst) (4 prizes) -> opp attack back (4 prizes) -> attack back (burst) -> opp attack back (3 prizes) -> (2 prizes) = winning.
Also, 10 extra damage per turn can make that 160 into 180! Which is still a magic number against volcanion!!! Ok, next we need puzzle of time to combo with teammates and compliment the “complex” style of the deck. Also I think we shall need a 4th magma base.
Omg, just noticed the unown/klefki synergy, that’s awesome!
Tauros-GX, (I know people use it too much :sweat_smile:), could help win by playing the infamous 7 prize game. We could play fighting fury belt(s) to make rotom a little more beefy, but unforunately it still can’t survive shadow bullet into shadow bullet snipe damage. Umbreon-GX is looking to be a problem, I’m glad it isn’t shaping up to be very common in the metagame.
Acro bike does streamline the deck, however, unlike gyarados, we need to play for the long game. On second thoughts, why would I be playing this over gyarados?!? Hmm, once I have figured out a way in which rotomwash (the deck’s name) is better than gyarados I will get back to you on that.
I feel like we need some sort of disruption; I do love to use hand disruption, may be able to fit the other rotom in here with a delinquent and some red cards for fun! On second thoughts, maybe meowstic isn’t so good because we can’t refresh the damage on it… Hmm…
Oh, just realised that rotom can actually deal 120 damage not 100, which means that the burst balloon can already carry you to 180 damage! Unfortunately we don’t have the bench space to play rattata. But hey, we can destroy any mega deck if we spam klefki hard enough, although this factor is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
We could play for lysandre -> OHKO on shaymin, therefore I feel 1-3 catcher being neccessary in this deck.
I think we need a way of taking down wobbufet as that seems to be a major problem for us.
Well, that’s the initial thoughts after half an hour looking at the deck. It’s clear a lot of thought went into this cool and inspiring deck.


You can’t. Bench space is way too crucial.

lol keep reading, I kind of jotted stuff down as I went…

Yea it was a mess, impossible for me to read fully


This is better than Toad Wishiwashi Reuniclus

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Only if you’re lazy.

I disagree with that statement. Item lock and 220 HP are much better than this.

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The main difference with this deck is:

  1. It’s standard, so it can be used in a lot more events.
    2)It does over double the damage of Toad, and immunity to megas with klefki.

This deck seems particularly devastating to many decks.

Klefki and yveltal xy aren’t really needed, make it more consistent and play an all dce turbo engine with puzzles ( think of passimian) and put that into what it is. And probably add Shaymin for consistency. Overall, a more stream lined list might make waves with the current meta right now.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the basic strat of the deck: (correct me if I’m wrong) get dce on rotom. Get a crap ton of damage with Magmas secret base on wishi washi. 3 wishiwashis with 2 dmge on each on the bench to your active for 60. Then, next turn, use wishiwashis ability to return it into your hand, and put it back down with two damage counters on it when you put it down. Keep cycling that. But you need puzzles for dce and secret base.

Shaymin isn’t there because for this deck, you need bench space desperately to get relient damage. Also, without Klefki, all decks that contain megas would cream rotom severely. 60 damage a turn isn’t going to compete with anything in the meta right now. Rotom has 70 HP, and most meta decks have over 200. That makes everything in the meta a 4 OHKO, which would make the matches unwinnable. Yvetal XY helps because with this, because I can charge up my Rotom and chip off their HP for only 1 prize.I don’t need puzzles for DCE because I have special charge, and unlike Puzzle, I only need 1 copy in my hand to bring back 2 DCE. I thank you for participating in the discussion though.

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Klefki/unown are fine but honestly, this is gonna play out like a much worse passimian. I’d rather play what my friend nick played at Anaheim to make top eight in seniors which is mewtwo ex (shatter shot)/garbodor, no mega (it was still really bad) or heck, even just mega mewtwo with shrine of memories

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So are you comparing my fun deck to a Mega Mewto with garbodor?I said in the start of a thread that the deck isn’t tier one, not even close to it.Passimian suffers when a Passimian is prized, but I have to admit, it is much better than is deck.

4 secret base is required imo

What exactly is the decklist now. The eck seems fun and im planning on testing it

Asking for lists is prohibited here to prevent laziness

Ok I will just look at the post and calculate it