@RisingRaichu's 2016-2017 Season! (152/250)


What happens when they play DCE and they sky return you to death?


I play a tech Togedemaru and Lightning Energy to deal with Sky Returning Shaymins.


Sheffield Regionals (see seperate report)


League Cup w/Galvantula STS/Wobbuffet PHF (yes,I hate Decidueye…)
R1 vs. Lurantis GX/Vileplume (WLT)
R2 vs. Random Grass Deck (WW)
R3 vs. Turbo Darkrai (LL)
1-1-1,4th Place(+0CP)
Why didn’t I play against that one Decidueye that won??? :frowning:


LC w/Volcanion
R1 vs. Psychic Stuff (WW)
R2 vs. Giratina EX/Garbodor BKP/Salamence EX (LL,#ihatesalamence :frowning: )
R3 vs. Power Deck (WW)
2-1,3rd Place (+0CP)
OMG I hate same record and resistance as 2nd place!!!


What about opponents opponents resistance?


that is what exactly what did you face in the “power deck”


Power deck means randomcomglomeration of ex’s and GX’s


Dunno. I think it was the same.


It was exactly what Y_Guy3 said.


lol i face those alot. One in my league has 1 decidueye gx 1 sismitoad ex 1 zapdos ex 1 charizard ex 1 victini ex 1 blastoise ex 1 m blatoise ex and many more[quote=“RisingRaichu, post:31, topic:9310”]
It was exactly what Y_Guy3 said.



League Challenge w/Wobbuffet PHF/Jolteon EX/Glaceon EX/Araquanid SUM
R1 vs. Volcanion EX(W)
R2 vs. Quad Lapras GX (L)
R3 vs. Turbo Darkrai EX(W)
R4 vs. Speed Lapras GX(L)
2-2, +0CP


Birmingham Regionals(see seperate report)
My account logged me out, so I’m now in as @RisingRaichuu.


League Cup w/Vespiquen AOR/Eeveelutions/Zoroark
R1 vs. Mega Rayquaza (W)
R2 vs. Garbodor/Drampa GX (L)
R3 vs. Lurantis GX/Lurantis PR/Tapu Bulu GX (W)
R4 vs. Garbodor/Tauros GX (L)
R5 vs. Volcanion (W)
3-2, 9th Place, +0CP


League Cup w/Lunala GX Toolbox
R1 vs. Power Deck(WW)
R2 vs. Lurantis GX/Decidueye GX(WLW)
R3 vs. Decidueye GX/Vileplume AOR (LWL)
2-1,2nd Place,+45CP
WE DONE IT! I got my invite now! I don’t plan on attending any tournaments now until after US Internationals so here is my final season report:
Continentals: 0 0 0 0
Regionals: 100 60 0 0 0 0 0 0
1st quarter: 15 15
2nd quarter: 15 0
3rd quarter: 12 0
4th quarter: 45 0
TOTAL: 257


Sorry, bad maths. What I meant is that this adds up to 259. :frowning: