@RisingRaichu's 2016-2017 Season! (152/250)


Legaue Cups:0
League Challenges:15

League Challenge w/Aqua Box (before rotation)
R1 vs. Xerneas XY/M Gardevoir EX PRC/M Altaria EX (WLW)
R2 vs. Power Deck (WW)
R3 vs. Darkrai EX/Yveltal XY/Zoroark XY/M Rayquaza EX ROS 76 (WW)
R4 vs. M Scizor EX (WW)
4-0, 1st place in Seniors, 2nd overall (15 CP)


What’s in a power deck?


Genesect EX FAC, Hawlucha FAC, Dragonite ROS 52, Zapdos ROS…
Those were a few of the things he played.
He was a Junior playing in a tournament for the first time.


League Cups:0
League Challenges:27

League Challenge w/Quad Zoroark
R1 vs. Power Deck (W)
R2 vs. Articuno ROS 17/Manaphy EX/Giratina EX (L)
R3 vs. M Rayquaza EX (Colorless) (W)
R4 vs. Greninja BREAK (W)
3-1, 2nd place in Seniors (12 CP)


What is a Power Deck?


Well, I asked about one in his last report and it appeared to be random ex’s and pokemon that are bulky


Yep. Perfect definition.


What area are you located mate?


Birmingham, UK. My local league is Sutton Coldfield.


League Challenge w/ Darkrai EX/Garbodor BKP
R1 vs. M Mewtwo EX/ Garbodor BKP (LL)
R2 vs. Darkrai EX/ Giratina EX/ Garbodor BKP (WW)
R3 vs. Power Deck (Scooped so my brother could get points)
1-2, 6th place (0 CP)


League Challenge w/ Mew FAC/Regice AOR/Yveltal BKT
R1 vs. Yanmega BREAK/Raichu XY (LL)
R2-Bye :slight_smile:
R3 vs. Darkrai EX/Giratina EX (W, game 2 went to time)
2-1, 3rd Place (0 CP)


Regionals w/ Yveltal BKT
R1 vs. M Gardevoir EX STS (LL)
R2 vs. Zygarde EX/Regirock EX (LWT)
R3 vs. Volcanion EX (LL)
R4 vs. M Ampharos EX/Jolteon EX/Garbodor BKP (LWT)
R5 vs. Volcanion EX (LWW)


1-2-2,22nd Place (0 CP)
Sorry for forgetting to put this in earlier!


European Internationals (see seperate report)


LC w/ Ho-Oh EX/ Weavile STS (yes, really…)
R1 vs. Xerneas XY/ Charizard EVO (W)
R2 vs. Water Deck (L, drew dead :frowning: )
R3 vs. Houndoom EX/ Bunnelby PRC 121 (W)
R4 vs. Beedrill EVO (W)
3-1, 1st Place (+15CP)
Finally got some points! Yeah!


LC w/Vespiquen AOR/Zebstrika BKP
R1 vs. Volcanion EX(LWT)
R2 vs. Volcanion EX (LL)
R3 vs. M-Gardevoir EX PRC(WW)
1-1-1, 5th Place(+0CP)
How you feel when u play vespi and half of seniors play volcanion :frowning:


LC w/Vespiquen AOR/Zebstrika BKP
R1 vs. M-Gardevoir EX STS (W)
R2 vs. Darkrai EX/Giratina EX (L)
R3 vs. M-Audino EX (L)
R4 vs. Greninja BKP (W)
R5 vs. Yanmega STS/Sceptile EX (W)
3-2, 3rd Pkace (+0CP)
Man I hate bubbling on resistance :frowning:


League Cup w/Alolan Persian Deck Out
R1 vs. Tauros GX/Garbodor BKP (LL)
R2 vs. Volcanion EX (WW)
R3 vs. M-Gardevoir EX PRC (WW)
2-1, 3rd Place(+0CP)


How does that even work?


You use Alolan Persian’s Taunt attack to lock a Shaymin active with Team Aqua’s Secret Base and Banette to switch off Float Stone, then you Switch into Bunnelby and use Team Rocket’s Handiwork together with Burrow to deck your opponent out.