"Rip Snorter of a Tourney, Mate!" – Top 8 Melbourne Report, Tips for Mental Stability, Standard Metagame Analysis, and Counters to Decidueye

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What would you cut for the 3rd lysandre if you replaced unown for trevenant ex?

Probably a Trainers’ Mail unfortunately. Those changes will mean less T1 Vileplume but a more stable lock.

All the Decidueye lists run 4-4-4, is the 4th Decidueye required? I find I typically only get 2 on my bench at any one time. Could a Decidueye be cut for more consistency (mail, unown, etc)?

Every list I’ve seen plays 4. The point is to draw it under your own item lock and the thick line also helps if you have to discard them when you don’t have access to Revitalizer. You could try cutting one but I wouldn’t recommend it.

One thing I am curious about is why add the Trevenant EX? I get that 3 grass = 110 damage, but when I look at this I would think a second Lugia or even an Oranguru would be more useful more frequently.

The point would be to Lysandre something like a Hoopa and force them to leave it active since it can’t retreat. Then, you slowly kill it while using Feather Arrow to decimate their board. Also would be good against mirror by using Lysandre on Vileplume and then you can Feather Arrow other things, then Feather Arrow the Vileplume to kill it on your turn and you get items while they don’t because you set up a Vileplume with your items.

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It was nice to meet you and the US crew here @kazambolt :slight_smile:
Pity we couldn’t find a good place to play Smash.

I said this in Melbourne to Connor, but the event made me realise that these IC events are not only a way to expose local player bases who would not normally go to worlds, to a ‘Worlds-level’ type of competition (which is super super cool), but also an opportunity for US players to see the World when they normally wouldn’t with Worlds being in the US every year.

The event was a ripper for sure. Australia has never had a 3 day event where the main event featured two days of swiss. The massive judge team, the staff running side events, and the players attending made for a pretty awesome experience.

I played Volcanion and finished like 98th. Had to win my last round for top 64.

Also I know not TCG, but big ups to the unknown Aussie Zoe who won the VGC event. Inspiring stuff.
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi.

Regarding decks Vs. Decidueye/Plume, I happened to have an Espeon GX/Lunala GX/Wob deck ready to play in the side events. Seems good in theory but can be really inconsistent getting the Lunala out. It’s fun if anything. A big M Mewtwo seems like a good way to beat through it though.

What was your impression of the Volcanion matchup?

Hope you liked Nandos. Come back for the Quorridors World Championships :stuck_out_tongue:

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Come to NA Internationals! Or Worlds! Or just come to Georgia for a random tournament, haha.

Yeah absolutely, I’ve loved the option to do both so far. And meeting local players in each place has been really great too.

It was definitely well staffed, maybe even overstaffed for an event of its size, but can’t complain about that.

Get T1 Vileplume going first -> win 75+% of the time.
Don’t do that -> win 25% of the time or less

I’m curious to see how a 2nd Lugia over the Tauros would help that matchup. You need at least 2 big Colorless attackers to win imo. I was also surprised at how hard it was for the Volcanion player to always find energy under item lock. My swiss Volcanion opponent (Gustavo Wada) also played Scorched Earth which helped him draw under item lock, otherwise I think I would have had an even more favorable matchup.

Was really great meeting you! Hope to see you again soon.

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How do you feel about the Meowth (FCO)? I do a bit of streaming and while PTCGO isn’t Melbourne internationals, Meowth has been a boss. It typically takes two prizes and trades one, but if you get it active and attacking turn 2, it is really good at knocking out Trubbish and Shaymins.

Also, grats on top 8. You’ve had a stellar season so far, and I think you are clearly playing at such a high level right now you are in the running for current best player in the world. Keep it up!!

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We tested it a bit before the tournament and chose to take it out of our list. We liked having beefy attackers like Lugia and Tauros instead. With such a limited amount of energy in the deck, I didn’t like losing it on a 70 HP Pokemon. We also thought Garbodor variants were very favorable with Lysandre + Beedrill + Vileplume anyways. Meowth could be good if you Lysandre something beefy up and don’t attack it, but I like Trevenant-EX better to slowly whittle down a Hoopa or Garbodor, etc. while you Feather Arrow your opponent’s benched Pokemon.

If it works for you, then run with it. A lot of things come down to preference.

And thanks for the kind words! It’s been a goal of mine since I was about 13 to be seen as one of the best in the world so I’m glad I’m getting somewhere near there :smile:

Great Article Alex, and congrats on finishing Top 8! I particularly enjoyed reading about how you keep yourself mentally stable going into a tournament. Typically, I always seem to get really nervous before big tournaments, especially when playing away from home. I’m headed to Birmingham Regionals in the UK in June (my first and only Regional this season - i’ve missed all the others through work), so I might try some of your techniques like listening to music to see if it helps! Really enjoying reading all the 6P articles at the moment, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked that part, I wasn’t sure how well received it would be.

Good luck at your Regional! You’ve got a lot of time to prepare so hopefully you can work on overcoming your nerves before then.