"Revision Accepted" – Looking at New Realities for Old Favorites in the Expanded Format, Raikou/Eels for Fort Wayne, and Final Thoughts on Anaheim


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If you are looking for an extra attacker with damage out of no where, would Tapu Koko GX be able to replace elektross?

It adds another 2 prize liability, but has the ability to stand in and deliver, also adds the option of a GX attack if opponent has loads of energy on benched pokemon (Darkrai)


Additionally, what are your thoughts on Raikour ex? (Unless I’m just blind and didn’t see it in the list)

Also, what are your thoughts about trevenant a place in the meta and what builds people are most likely going to use? Or do you think it’s all dependent on Ft. Wayne’s results


So, I think this does well enough against Lab / Parallel Darkrai, but my experience with this is that it gets absolutely smashed by Sky Field Darkrai. While I don’t think Sky Field Darkrai is as flexible or has as much control as Lab / Parallel, it also throws up bigger nuke numbers earlier and more quickly recovers those nuke numbers when a Darkrai is lost. I know you are at worlds this weekend, so hoping maybe you revisit this later. Any ideas on how to counter Nuke Darkrai? Basically, you can’t heal out of it because it just flat knocks you out and their ability to keep taking OHKO’s is more consistent than Raikou’s ability to take 2KO.


I’m increasingly unsure that Eels will actually be able to beat Darkrai, which is a definite issue for it as we move into the next format.


Does jolteon not help? Haven’t played expanded in a while so idk anything about eels


Malamar + Dead End removes Jolteon.