Returning player help


I’ll second playing Night March.
It’s cheap.
It’s fun.
It’s easy to play.
It works well.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

Well, it sounds like Night March is the way to go, but since I have M Aggron, I would like to try that at some point too. I’ll try Night March first since it’s the cheaper route though. Is the name from an ability from one of the pokemon? Not like it matters, but I’m curious lol.

Last questions, the format right now, what is it? If we’re still able to use DEX, which I think is at least 1 year or so old, will I still be able to use these cards come September?
Thanks guys



It’s BCR-on, which is Boundaries Crossed. See here for the set list.

Which means DEX was rotated and is no longer in the standard format. There is an Expanded format too, which includes everything BW-on.


Welcome back. Here are some suggestions, some of which overlap and some of which clash with what the others have said.

First, are you striving to be a top competitive player, just looking to have fun with some friends, or something in between? This will affect how to approach your turn. Though Worlds isn’t until August 21st through 23rd… that’s still way too soon unless you find you’ve lost nothing since you left and are some unbeatable champion even when attending events. Even then, since I don’t play competitively myself, I don’t know if it is even possible to meet the requirements for entering Worlds (other than the Last Chance Qualifier… if they still do that. Little help fellows?).

Is there a Pokémon League near you? Do you think you can use the official Pokémon TCG Online program? I’d use those and Pre-Releases to ease into the game. Night March is an inexpensive deck. It can also be a very challenging deck to run though; lots of “moving pieces”. Also some of the slightly pricier decks involve cards likely to remain at least “good” (if not “great”) until the end of the next format, and the choice between “reliable build” versus “versatile build” isn’t as stark.

If you’ve got a League near you that allows them or a good friend to practice against, I’d invest in some World Championship decks. They are not legal for tournament play but they will give you an idea of how the format has changed (and not changed) since you bowed out. You also can learn how to properly use some of the cards you may have to save up to buy later.

The most important thing to understand is that the game is becoming more Yu-Gi-Oh-esque in terms of sets making major changes to the metagame (relative to how static things seem otherwise). The next set might not kill the top decks, but I don’t know (for example) if Night March will thrive or remain as it is or fail to survive with what we know from the Japanese version of the set are most likely coming.


Nope, there’s no last-chance qualifier. They did, however, lower the requirement to get into Worlds. It’s 200 for junior, 250 for senior, and 300 for masters.


I wouldn’t say everyone. I would much rather run 4 Skyla instead of 4 N, and would even rather run Random Receivers to grab my Skyla/Juniper over N


Oh, no, I disagree with the list, but everyone has belittled me for using the specific deck list I use.


[quote=“GhostRegion, post:15, topic:4861”]
everyone has belittled me[/quote]

Criticism of a deck list should not be made personal, or taken as personal. If someone has crossed that line, then please report it. If people simply disagree with your card choices, that doesn’t mean they are belittling you.


Sorry, to clarify this has happened IRL. The ‘everyone’ was an exaggeration, only three or four. Thank you for the advice, @baby_mario.


@themiraclemeat a, I see now! Thanks for the run down.

@Otaku, I’m just trying to have some fun, but it definitely be nice to win as well. My nearest league is around 20-30 minutes away, and most people here play MTG, but I just can’t get into it as much as I can with Pokemon. I just downloaded PTCGO again yesterday, opened up those packs and got CAmerupt EX (online). I always liked

So, is it worth it to go out and buy the singles I need for now to make the Nights March deck and just go from there? Since this is kinda more towards the end of the tournament season since Nats and Worlds is in the coming months, I thought I’d ask.


If you need to do testing, try
It’s not pretty colors, but it runs well, and allows you to test every card from Standard and Expanded without having to actually have the card.


Fancy stuff here now, all these different ways to play online, and man does this forum look different compared to a few years ago! hah. Btw, is my main attacker in the deck Joltik, pumpkaboo, etc. ?


Depends on what you’re up against.
Dimensional Valley allows Pumpkaboo to attack with a DCE, whereas Joltik is always able to attack with a DCE.
If you have, or don’t have a list, try this topic from this forum: “Night March” Pumpkaboo PHF, Lampent PHF, Joltik PHF // BCR-on
As I’ve stated previously:
4 Lampent PHF
4 Pumpkaboo PHF
4 Joltik PHF

4 Juniper
4 N
4 VS Seeker PHF
4 Battle Compressor
4 Ultra Ball


Additionally (I suggest)
+1 Lysandre
+2 Skyla
+1 Ace Spec
+1 Mr. Mime PLF (protects your bench)
+1 Jirachi-EX (grabs a supporter from your deck)
Item draw power (Roller Skates, Bicycles, and/or Acro Bike)


… and Trump card…


Yes, and Lysandre’s Trump Card if you (the player) deems it worthwhile.


Ah I see now, that makes sense. Seems like this’ll be fun to try out, and I’m definitely going to try it out online tonight to see if it’s worth the little investment. Thanks guys, I greatly appreciate all the help


I would stick with 3 Mew EX as the main attacker, as much as I hate Mew. It has twice the HP as every other attacker in the deck, and it’s [P], so Dimension Valley can bring it’s Night March cost down to one [C] with a Joltik in play, and without one, and just a Pumpkaboo, it’s a DCE. You can use the other 2 as attackers as well (Lampent can’t get on the field, only for discard) they do the same thing. I still reccomend running 1-2 Archie’s Ace in the Hole and 2 Empoleon, it really helps with consistency (Diving Draw) and after a Trump Card, he can be a great attacker (Attack Command if you play [W] Energy). Archie’s and Empoleon at once is a great Compressor target as well, gets him out if you can get your hand down to a single VS Seeker (a 4-of card). Don’t forget, Mew can use Attack Command as well! Overall, Night March is one of the most versatile (no pun intended) decks around.


@XtremeFate that makes sense, the empoleon from DE, will that go out of rotation soon possibly? I’m definitely looking forward to trying this out.

I was trying out the new tcgone thing, and I had no idea how to make my own deck. It was trying to get me to play with a fossil deck, do I have to use that first?


You started Career. I’ll post here instructions when I have more time later.

This is your basic homescreen when you log in.
Go to ‘Quickplay Decks’ at the top left of the page

Once here, you can create a new deck with ‘New Deck.’

This is the screen to import any modern card (Standard), use the middle arrow to increase or decrease the amount of that specific card in the deck.


Thanks! I wasnt understanding it before, I’m excited to get this going.