Resurgence of Gardevoir


Throughout the ages, gardevoir has been one a very playable card.Putting the older gardevoirs aside is the PRC M Gardevoir EX. With 210 hp and 30x damage per [Fairy], energy attached it was not a thing to be trifled with. . Aromatisse made it even better with max potion. Fast forward a bit and we have the steam siege M Gardevoir Ex another really good card which was a hard counter for M Mewtwo and helped good mathups against darkrai, as it was dual [Fairy] and [P], a very good deck… Of course, both decks are no longer in the limelight as PRC M gardevoir was demolished by Sun and Moon no longer being viable… It had a small rise in popularity with Salamence Ex and Giratina Ex but its time is up. STS M Gardevoir faded with the retraction of many M Mewtwo decks. Now in its resurgence is Gardevoir Gx. Similarily to M Gardevoir PRC its attack does 30x per energy although only attached to itself. Its ability hepls and it works with dce. True it is a stage two but the game has slowed significantly allowing many to rise from the ashes. With fogp rotating out vileplume is no longer as big of a problem. This is a card I see creating a massive splash in the Meta.

-Ivan Richardson


Combo the evolution line and Dce with gallade from breakthrough (not rotating :stuck_out_tongue: )


First of all, gardy PRC was never a top tier deck. Secondly, fairy Energy is shown as [Y] not [F]


Do you even know what you are talking about? Darkrai was never viable with Garde. M Garde STS was a good meta-call in an almost all Yveltal and Mega Mewtwo meta. Sun and Moon didn’t destroy Mega Garden PRC, it was a bad card. I don’t think it won anything past maybe a cities. Also, FairyTina was only slightly relevant as a deck with Xerneas XY to accelerate to Giratina, and then healing the Giratina, not with M Garde. Also, that was for XY on, which never had a SM set… PRC M Garde and Garde GX are nothing alike. GX self accelerates, M needs help. GX stacks on itself, M stacks on board. Please do proper research before posting something like this.


First of all[quote=“Latte1504, post:4, topic:11114”]
Do you even know what you are talking about?

I fixed it.

Thank you I had no idea.


You did not fix hat I was referring to.


TBH, I think you can just avoid all of this criticism by just posting a list and asking for help, or just creating a discussion thread in general instead of doing something like this where you write a pointless paragraph of how good you think the card is when literally EVERYONE else knows and doesn’t need you to tell them. Or you can just not post at all because at this point I feel like ur just posting… just to post if you know what I mean


I understand i will post a llist in a bit.