Results from International (xy-fco) Nationals Compiled

I went ahead and compiled the results shown on What do you guys think of the results? These are the top 8 finishes, with *s put by the deck for each win.

Night March- 7**
Greninja- 6
Trevenant- 3*
Night March Vespiquen- 3*
Yveltal Zoroark Gallade-3
Waterbox- 3
Vespiquen Vileplume- 2
Toad Tina- 2
Toad- 2
Toad Garb- 1*
Vespiquen Raichu Yveltal- 1
Megaray Jolteon- 1
Fightingbox- 1
Gallade Octilery- 1
Entei- 1
Garchomp- 1
Genesect Ex/Bronzong break- 1

Of course, NM would be most popular. Still, good to see Garchomp there!

I do not want to burst your bubble but it got 8th :stuck_out_tongue: It is very interesting it made it into the top 8. It also made it in the top 8 in a top cut with no greninja.

While working through standings listed by day, I noticed a few things. NM + vespiquen did very well in days when waterbox showed up. However vespiquen does not affect greninja if at all, unless the vileplume varient leads to bench-out. Greninja struggled more against trev and waterbox than the other decks. With the exception of the second place steel deck that had a very good game against greninja, Finally night march is still the top finisher, and greninja has yet to take a first place.

Why was Poland nats unofficial?

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Another note: in the uae (20 people) the finals were nm mirror.

UAE top 8:

(1) Nightmarch
(2) Nightmarch
(3) Trevenant Break/Mega Alakazam
(4) Beautifly / Manectric
(5) Vespiquen / Vileplume
(6) Zygarde / Carbink Break
(7) Wobb / Bats
(8) Entie

Poland doesn’t have Organized Play.

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Poland cannot into Pokemon.

Still blown away by that beautifly manectric deck! I can’t seem to get it going… I wonder what it beat to get there!!