[Release] Pokemon TCG Plugin for LackeyCCG - deck test online


Adam let me know it’s okay to post this :slight_smile:

I just finished making a plugin for the Pokemon TCG on the software LackeyCCG. I know there are great alternatives available to play online; personally, I prefer this software. The main advantage over others are the very high quality card images.

You can download the plugin, software and instructions HERE

Some info:


-The plugin comes with 7398 cards split into 83 sets and 13 formats from 1999-2014 (currently updated to Flashfire).

-There are 135 official Theme Decks included as well as 60 Booster Packs to simulate random pack opening (booster packs do not include basic energy cards; there is a seperate booster pack created just for basic energies including 20 of each).

-Card images are mostly high quality (the exception to this are promo cards, 99% are great but the odd few are impossible to get good images of).

Work in Progress:
My plan is to continue to update this plugin each time a new set becomes available.

Current planned additions: All 6 Trainer Kits, McDonalds 2014 set, better images for a select few promo cards.

The information included in this plugin is as correct as I could get it using information obtained from several websites.

This plugin is in no way affiliated with The Pokemon Company International or Wizards of the Coast and its sole purpose is to deck test. This plugin is not officially endorsed by sixprizes.com

Thank you and hope you enjoy playing!

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Isn’t there already such a plugin on Lackey?
It looks fine, but I thought it existed.

The other one was out of date so the LackeyCCG creator agreed to host my version which is fully updated and has much better high quality images (which I have forwarded on to Adam for use on PkmnCards)

It works well. I would recommend it over PlayTCG.