Regirock XY-Promo Variants // Expanded (BLW-on)

Has anyone tested this?

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This belongs in the non-categorized blw-on 2016

PTCG Radio went 7-0 or 6-0 or something like that with it in the UK.

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If it did, it would’ve been moved by now.

That was probably the best post in the last week.


It’s fine here.

Sorry, was not aware that

How does this deck do against Trevenant? I could see it being a very tricky matchup.

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It has an auto loss to Trev, airados, and greninja. Its “supposed” to beat everything else, but it has major consistensy issues, and if you brick game one you will likely tie or loose considering that games take upwards of 30 minutes.

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I’ve tested Regirock a little bit, and have found that it relies on your opponent dead drawing a little to give you time to set up. Plus, Regirock is susceptible to dead drawing itself too.

Regirock is a worse Primal Groudon.


Yeah but it does not need beaches :wink: