"Regional Redux" – Recapping the Toronto Emergents

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Congrats on the second-place finish, that’s fantastic! Very well-deserved, what are your thoughts on Lurantis/Vileplume moving forward?

I think it’ll be well-positioned in Standard as we get Lurantis SMPR to help its math; the difference between 40 and 60 can truly be incredible. In Expanded, it really depends what we see over the next few months, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable making a call yet. I do certainly think it will—rightly or wrongly—see play.

What do you think of trevenant/vileplume. I’ve been testing and it has been incredible. Taking down Lapras Gx. M Mewtwo,
beaten vulcanion several timees as well as turbo dark.

I think it’s pretty bad. Mathematically, it’s not likely that it will consistently hit for high damage output throughout a game, and it’s something that your opponent can inherently try to play around. That’s not generally the type of attack that does very well. Gengar SF had a number of things going for it that changed that calculus, but Trevenant definitely does not.

true i had that happen after players played vs it a few times. Although it did amazing against lapras as they kept collecting.

It seems unlikely that lapras will stay around with the new sylveon. Wouldn’t rely too much on those numbers.

Lapras has grass weakness so there ya go.

Trevenant/Vileplume is decent, but it’s too fragile to sustain. Somewhat like VV from last year but without bunnelby/additional attackers

Also, @2CardCollectorQ is right. Sylveon is the new lapras and not only does it destroy Trev/Plume, it is super hyped right now.

yes that is true i will probably switch to garbodor. I still like the idea of trevplume.

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