Rayquaza EX DRX Variants // BLW-on 2016


Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I figured I’d do a post on my favorite deck of all time, and the deck that has led me to the most success this season, RayEels. I believe this deck to be very solid in expanded currently, with very few bad matchups, namely vespiquen and sableye/garb.

Here’s my personal list for expanded, and to sort of give it some backing or credentials for this season, I’ll say this deck has gotten me over 200 points this season, with a T8 at regionals, a t16 at regionals, 2 cities t4’s, a cities 2nd and a few league challenges. Now without further adieu, here is the list:

Pokemon - 14

3 Rayquaza-EX (DRX 123) 2 Raikou-EX (DEX 38) 1 Raikou (BKT 55) 4 Eelektrik (NVI 40) 4 Tynamo (NVI 38)

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums - 32

4 Professor Juniper (PLF 116) 4 N (NVI 101) 2 Colress (PLS 135) 2 Lysandre (FLF 104) 1 Pokémon Center Lady (FLF 93) 1 Hex Maniac (AOR 75) 1 Skyla (BCR 149) 4 VS Seeker (PHF 109) 3 Ultra Ball (PLF 122) 4 Level Ball (NXD 89) 3 Skyarrow Bridge (NXD 91) 1 Professor's Letter (XY 123) 1 Super Rod (DRV 20) 1 Computer Search (BCR 137)

Energy - 14</h4 4 Fire Energy (XY 133) 10 Lightning Energy (XY 135)

I realize some of my counts may seem odd given the current norms in the Expanded format, but in 3 years of playing this deck, I’ve found this to be far and away the most consistent variant, and after all in a deck focused on OHKO’ing everything, consistency is key.

Why are there no Shaymin?

The reason I play no Shaymin is simply that it is more consistent. This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but makes more sense when you consider the issue of bench space. This deck need 3 eels on the bench at all times in order to succeed, so to fit your eels, your attackers, AND Shaymin you would need more than 5 bench spaces, which leads you to sky field. With sky field, you lose skyarrow bridge, so you need another source of free retreat, leading you to keldeo/float stone, or simply float stone. 3-4 slots for these now necessary cards is simply too much, and drastically lowers consistency.

Why do you play Pokemon Center Lady/Hex Maniac/Skyla?

Pokemon Center Lady is first and foremost 100% necessary to have any chance of beating Accelegor, and is also quite helpful against Toad where you may have a pokemon stuck asleep in the active, or can reset a turn of damage against decks such as MegaMan. Hex Maniac is for Trevenant, Vileplume, and Archie's Stoise to play items or get you a turn ahead on the KO's against other OHKO decks. Skyla is a consistency card that can net you anything from a fire energy to another Tynamo, it's just all around a strong card.

Why do you only play 3 Ultra Ball?

I found the 4th Level Ball more necessary for setting up t1.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions or really do anything related to Rayeels in the comments.


I like the list, but the absence of Keldeo scares me. I’d cut the Raikou but for a Keldeo/float stone somewhere else, or use that one space for an Elektross prc


You haven’t seen this deck in action. I’m backing up @TheDewottClan for no keldeo. This deck doesnt need it.


Ok but then how do you play it? I’ll test this but don’t know how to play it without Keldeo.


Get two rayquazas in play. Skyarrow bridge gives them free retreat so you can easily switch between them.


As @jirachi123 said I have 2 rayquazas in play, and switch between them with skyarrow bridge. If my eel gets pulled active losing it isn’t the end of the world, but if I have spare energy I put 1 on each eel so i can attach and retreat.


Has anyone tried using the new Magnezone and Fisherman with this deck? I made a preliminary list but I’m not sure how it fairs in comparison to Eels.

Also, in the Keldeo version, I like using Emolga. I previously had V-Create Victini as a backup attacker but I do like the inclusion of BT Raikou, especially since he does not require one of the few fire energies to attack.


Back when I played ray eels in BLW-PLF, you played a victini for the klinklang matchup, as you always wanted to be attacking with a Rayquaza. Klinklang made you have a non-ex answer. So victini was the best option. Now, we don’t really have klinklang and really can use Raikou anyways.


Is this deck still somewhat relevant in expanded? Do people even play expanded anymore? I haven’t heard anything about it in months other than that it isn’t rotating anything. With Solgaleo GX coming out in November (I think), this deck gains the most powerful form of switching it’s ever had. Skyarrow can still be used, and Solgaleo is basically Keldeo without needing to waste deck space on float stone. I don’t know how relevant garbodor and toad and trevenant are in expanded but maybe this deck still has potential.

Also, on a side note, for my own personal enjoyment, does anybody know of any expanded or standard deck that might have as close to a 50-50 matchup with this deck as possible? RayEels is one of my favorite decks in the game and I’d like to find another deck to build alongside just so I can fun balanced old-format games every now and then. Preferably no item-locking or ability-locking decks.


This deck is absolutely still relevant, and all regionals will be expanded. I may or may not run Solgaleo, it depends on how relevant it actually is. I prefer to run a gimmick free list for maximum consisteny, and Solgaleo is definitely a gimmick. The closest 50/50 is the mirror or Archie’s Stoise


How is Solgaleo a gimmick? Also, how is Archie’s Stoise close? If they run decently well, they’ll run you over.


Why would they run you over? They trade very inefficiently and just lost to ghetsis or a late game N. Solgaleo falls into the same boat as Keldeo with this deck, you don’t have the bench space, and it’s not worth changing the list for.


How many turns does it take you to deal 180? Probably 2-4 on average. Archie’s Stoise is 1 or 2 to deal 170.


@thedewottclan, solgaleo switches any Pokémon and can get itself out of the active this way as well too. It’s something worth testing IMO

Can confirm this deck is very much still worth testing.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the NM Mu is also similar to Archie’s Stoise where you can Ghetsis or late game N them but slightly worse as it’s an uneven prize trade. I haven’t tested it much yet


In that case, how does this look for a rough list? (I put this together in three minutes)

Pokémon - 17
4-4 Eelektrik
1 Raikou BKT
1 Mewtwo EX
2 Rayquaza EX
1 Hoopa EX
2 Shaymin EX
2 Solgaleo GX

Energy - 10
7 Lightning Energy
3 Fire Energy

Trainers - 33
4 Professor Juniper
2 N
1 Colress
1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Level Ball
3 Trainers’ Mail
1 Computer Search
2 Super Rod
1 Professor’s Letter
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Switch

3 Sky Field
1 Skyarrow Bridge

Also, sorry for including Solgaleo in the list even though it’s technically not released yet, please don’t kill me. If it’s that serious, pretend it’s two float stones instead.


How many times do I need to tell you people that Shaymin is not good in Rayeels. 4 Level ball is absolutely necessary, and Hoopa is rather pointless, especially since you can’t get Solgaleo with it. We haven’t seen Solgaleo’s energy costs yet, so I don’t know if he can attack in this list; I haven’t tested it but it seems incredibly similar to Keldeo who proved to be inferior to Skyarrow.


In theory, if everything goes perfectly for them, then yes that is the case. Even in that case you N, take a revenge KO and they’re stuck with few options.


Clearly you’re the only person who has experience with RayEels and who has ever tested the deck, and therefore whatever you say must be absolute truth.

Yes obviously four level ball is better than three, but in today’s format, I feel that the 3 trainers’ mail, computer search, and 2 Shaymin for extra draw power make up for the one missing level ball.

Also, Shaymin is good in basically everything. RayEels is no exception.

Hoopa can also grab a Shaymin and 2 Rayquaza/Mewtwo off one ultra ball to get you set up and if you have sky field on board when you play it and they bump it, you get to discard the Shaymin/Hoopa and not have to worry about them.


I seemingly am the only person who gave Rayeels a chance in expanded, and am the only person to have even a semblance of results with it. What I say is not absolute, but I would argue I have some idea of what I’m talking about.

In any deck that focuses on dealing big damage, you want to trade well, that’s why Night March and Vespiquen had strong results in 15-16 standard, and Mega Ray, while certainly having results, did not have them to the same degree. Decks like Vespi could trade more efficiently. How would adding 2 cards that hand prizes to your opponent’s pitch black spear help in any way when you could achieve the same effect with a couple extra supporters? Mewtwo as well is not necessary. I don’t know why you’d want him for any reason other than dealing with something like Yveltal, in which case Raikou/Raikou EX deal with it much more efficiently, and are overall stronger cards.


Solgaleo switches your active to ANY Pokémon on the bench. So it is superior to Keldeo as you don’t need a float stone on it.[quote=“eggrolls, post:18, topic:7722”]
Also, Shaymin is good in basically everything. RayEels is no exception.

Seriously, can you test before you speak? Shaymin is terrible in RayEels. I’ve tested it. You have three eels on bench at least. If you don’t, you don’t set up. You then have your active attacker, at least one attacker on bench, and either a second attacker, another eel for insurance, or a jirachi ex.
Sure skyfield can bet you more bench space, but then you aren’t running skyarrow, so you need Keldeo/float stone. And Keldeo/float stone/Shaymin is 4-5 cards spots you could be using for other things.

I’m currently testing RayEels and the deck runs smoothly with no Shaymin, no Keldeo/float stone and no skyfield.