Rayquaza-EX DRX, Eelektrik NVI Variants // BLW-on (Expanded)


3x Rayquaza EX
1x Raikou EX
3x Eelektrik
2x Tynamo NVI
2x Tynamo DEX
2x Keldeo EX
1x Victini NVI 15


4x Professor Juniper
3x N
3x Colress

4x Level Ball
4x Float Stone
1x Dowsing Machine
3x Pokemon Catcher
3x Max Potion
4x Ultra Ball
2x Super Rod

3x Tropical Beach


8x Lightning
4x Fire

Standard Eels list from Worlds 2013 metagame.
Keldeo EX for GothGor
Victini also for GothGor as it was the BDIF of the time.

Just so you know, Keldeo EX wasn’t actually used for Gothitelle, and neither was Victini. Keldeo was used to bring a Rayquaza to the bench so you could Dynamotor onto it. Keldeo helped with Gothitelle, but that was not the main reason for playing it. Also, Victini NVI 15 was used as a counter to the slightly popular “PlasmaKlang” deck, as a non-EX attacker that hit Metal types for weakness. This deck will be very good in the BW-on format that is going to be introduced eventually, and is the current meta in Japan. Druddigon FLF might make it slightly worse, but it is still going to be quite good

I think you have way too many tools and level balls. This deck should be really fast as it is so get rid of those and tropical beach because it will just help your opponent more than anything. Also, consider a scramble switch as ace spec so if one rayquaza gets hurt you can just switch all the energy onto another.

“all the energy” as in the 1 Energy left after attacking?


The list is based of Clement Lamberton’s list; Float Stone is needed as a 4 to ensure it stays in play because it was so vital to the deck


What was the reason behind not running Skyla? It’s is very good to search for Tropical Beach and Level Ball.

Some valid points there. The fact that he was able to get a ton of cards early on because of the amount of Eelektrik (he had Colress) meant he could probably get those aforementioned cards without Skyla.

Pokemon now made a rule on the second day of a tournament i think u can play decks from black and white on.

wow that sounds cool.

I would run 1 Yveltal and 2 prism energy, to dynamotor onto, and basically be a better mew two

Whoa that is inconstant as heck. Also Mewtwo can hit for weakness on Lucario, which is a plus.

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:yeah. You are right

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This is my list:
4 Tynamo
4 Eels
3 Ray EX
2 Mewtwo EX

4 Juniper
4 N
4 Colress
3 Skyla
2 Shauna
3 Bike
2 Mega Phone
1 Lysandre
2 Switch
2 Skyarrow Bridge
3 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
1 Prof Letter
1 Escape Rope
1 Pal Pad
3 EvoSoda
1 Energy Retrieval
8 Lightning
3 Fire

I would run Electross over Victini for Pyroar and you can also use it against it Klingklang (which I don’t think will see a ton of play.)

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I hate saying this but it’s true. You need Topical Beach in almost anything BLW-on to be competitive.

Also why no ACE-Spec?

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You most certainly don’t need Tropical Beach in here. It can be beneficial I’ll give you that, but the deck can easily function fine without it and has never truly needed it in the past. Yveltal/Garbodor and Durant are other BW-on decks that can thrive without Tropical Beach. In fact the only decks I can think of being revived from BW-on that need Tropical Beach to function properly would be Plasmaklang and Accelgor decks.

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I made a mistake in that list and will post an updated version. Look at how many supporters I have, I don’t think Beach is needed.

For the Pyroar matchup I think you should just run 2 baby Ray and a single a Muscle Band.

You’d need more than one muscle band if you plan on killing more than one pyroar. I’d say two minimum, and more than that if you don’t run dowsing machine